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Volunteer Application

Name ________________________________________________________________
      Last           First           Middle

Address ________________________________________________________________
              Street           City           Zip

Home Phone ______________________ Work _________________________

Cell Phone _______________________ E-mail __________________________

Best time to be contacted _____________________

Number of hours available per week __________ Prefer:    AM       PM

Best Day(s) to serve:    Mon   Tues   Wed     Thurs     Fri     Sat     Sun

Position applying for________________________________________________

Present church member   ______Yes     ______No   _____In membership process

Church positions held in the past ______________________________________



Where employed ___________________________________   Full-time   /  Part-time

What skills, spiritual gifts, or talents do you have which might be useful in this position?



What training or experiences do you have which might be useful in this position?
If you could do anything for God without fear of failure, what would it be?



Have you been convicted of a criminal offense?      Yes       No
    (If yes, please explain below)



Have you been convicted of child abuse or sexual abuse or been involved in any activities related to molesting or abusing children/youth?  If yes, please explain.



What moving violations are on your driving record?  Please list and explain.



References:  (Please provide name and phone of three references, including a former supervisor)



I certify that all information provided in this application is true and complete.  I understand that any false information or omission may disqualify me from further consideration, and may result in my removal if discovered at a later date. 

Signature ______________________________________ Date _____________


Category:Development - Tools for Growth & Administrative Systems
Category:Lay Leadership and Volunteers