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View Vision Alignment and Guarding Against Culture Drift

Vision Alignment and Guarding Against Culture Drift

by Craig Groeschel, Posted: 17 Apr 2008 06:49 AM CDT

Once the culture is healthy, you’ll want to guard against what I call “culture drift.” Organizations don’t typically stay healthy without intentionality.

Some suggestions for guarding against culture drift include:

  • Design systems to highlight and reward living the culture. (What is measured typically gets done. Set appropriate goals in the direction of your values.)
  • Publicly applaud when people live out the values. Celebrate the wins!
  • Program toward your ministry values.
  • Work hard on training new staff members and volunteers to serve Christ within the values and culture of your ministry.
  • Privately correct those who step outside the culture.
  • Renew the vision regularly.

Ten Questions

Posted: 04 Apr 2008 06:16 AM CDT

  1. Is our vision so big that we obviously can’t accomplish it without God?
  2. Am I doing ministry from memory or from fresh direction from God?
  3. What ministry (or program or meeting) has lost its effectiveness and should be stopped?
  4. Is there a person who needs to be moved to another role (or removed), and I haven’t done it?
  5. What faith risk is God calling me to take?
  6. Have I repented to my team at least once in the last year for a failure in leadership?
  7. Have I done everything in my power to make sure my team is living without unconfessed sin?
  8. Am I expressing love and care for my team members’ families?
  9. Am I living with delayed obedience toward God in any area of leadership?
  10. If Jesus my sole motivation for ministry or has my motivation become clouded?


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