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View The Big Story - Sharing the Gospel

Read the original post and view YouTube Video at this link

The Big Story, Part 1

Posted by James Choung, September 17, 2007

Here’s my attempt to explain the Christian faith… in three minutes. Crazy, right? InterVarsity asked me to do it, and here’s the result. I wanted to present a more holistic faith — something closer to the gospel that Jesus taught. This was unscripted, and of course, many details will be painfully left out in such a short amount of time. So it’s not anything close to a perfect presentation. But it forced me to make it concise, so I appreciate the assignment — though I would never share it this quickly in person.

This material is adapted from my books: True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In (for believers) and its companion booklet, Based on a True Story (for seekers). Both are coming out through InterVarsity Press in April 2008, and you can find a blurb on the book at the IVP website. Half of the royalties of the book will go back to the ministry of San Diego InterVarsity, so please pick up a copy when it comes out!

I’d love to know what you think of this. And if you like it, would you click the image (though not directly on the play button) and rate it at YouTube? Or post it, if you like. It would help get the word out.

* * * * * * *

Downloadable (September 26, 2007): I’ve been asked to make this presentation available for iPods. So now, you can download it into your iPods or your computers. Just right click either audio or video, and download away.

A sequel (January 31, 2008): A sequel has been made to this video. Check it out!

Write-up removed (October 23, 2008): The write-up article is no longer available because the short format allowed for too many misunderstandings. For a fuller treatment, please check out True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In (for believers) or Based on a True Story (for seekers).

In Christianity Today (November 25, 2008): The Big Story was featured in Christianity Today, and they have graciously agreed to let me post a .pdf version the article, “just this once.”

Bible study (February 24, 2009): Christianity Today published a bible study on the Big Story. It’s not free, but available for download.

Free study guide (June 15, 2009): InterVarsity Press released a free, downloadable study guide for True Story. It’s ideal for small groups.

Category:Attractional and Incarnational Evangelism