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View Stewardship: Church Plant Training Facility

Stewardship: Church Plant Training Facility

Download PowerPoint presentation:
File:Stewardship ChPltTrg Facility.ppt

Facility Considerations: 1 Day a Week

•  Core Group Proximity – easy to invite friends
•  Demographic Advantage – attractive to target
•  3 Key Space Configuration – worship, kids (3), greeting
•  Worship Environment – lighting, expandability, intensity of density, equipment needed/provided…
•  Educational Environment – safe, close, attractive
•  Community Awareness + Reputation
•  Accessible – visible + PARKING
•  Equipment – set-up & storage
•  Cost – national average = $400/week

The Discipleship of Stewardship

1. Underlying motivation
  •  Raising disciples, not dollars

2. Issues for new churches
  •  Young families: typically in debt & need to learn life management. 
  •  Unchurched: no habit of giving.  Need to be taught and brought along.
  •  I.E. need more people in order to support the budget
  •  The path of least resistance will generate the least income, will help people grow the least, and undermine future ministry and mission growth.

3. Reality Check: $100,000
  •  Church must be at:
      200 people with $500/capita/yr
      143 people with $700/capita/yr
      100 people with $1000/capita/yr
  Note: Ave in existing EC churches is $1700+/person/yr

4. Strategies
  •  Set a stewardship culture from day 1
  •  Cover expectations in membership classes
  •  Teach on it as a spiritual discipleship growth issue
  •  Teach whole-life stewardship over several weeks so people know it’s more than giving $

  4-T Stewardship of Time, Talent, Testimony & Treasure
    Help people commit to “whole-life” stewardship annually as God leads
      TIME: church attendance, devotional time, small group
      TREASURE: work toward tithe, commit for actual % & $ amount
      TESTIMONY: share Christ with 5 people this coming year.
      - Find a way (even starting in Preview Stage) for people to “Steward their Talent” by serving according to their gifts through 4+ Ministry Teams, such as…
      - Worship, Children, Small Groups, Assimilation (& Evangelism)
      - Or, one team for each of your Core Values
      - EG: you can have a Launch Team meeting where you cast the vision, then break into ministry teams…
  •  This shares the ministry + sets the DNA from the start.
  •  Use testimonies
  •  Use appeals as a way to help people begin giving
  •  Develop an end-of-year strategy
  •  Find a way to communicate church giving trends in a biblical way
  •  Help people get free of “Mammon” (worshipping God in tithes and offerings)
  •  Teaching opportunities regularly on stewardship and on what their giving supports…

5. C3 Annual Health Survey
(you could do this as 4-T’s, or the 4 ‘Al’s,’ or 5 ‘G’s.’ or your core values)

At C3 we are concerned with your health and the health of our ministry.  We realize that setting regular goals is a necessity in achieving this health.  Therefore, annually as a renewal of you membership, you will be asked to prayerfully evaluate the previous year while setting goals for the next.  Be as specific as possible, realizing that we are under grace, not the law!

Spiritually – Where do I hope to grow spiritually?  What spiritually disciplines would I like to begin or further pursue?  What will this look like? (i.e. begin a daily time with God using a devotional I picked up at C3)

Emotionally –  Where do I need to grow emotionally?  What do I need to get under control?  What do I need to release?  What steps will I take? (i.e. get my anger under control by seeing a counselor)

Relationally –    Who do I think I need to grow in relationship with?  What relationship/s are in need of healing?  How will I pursue these?  Am I committing enough time to my family?  (i.e. to befriend my next door neighbor by inviting them over for Monday Night Football, forgive my dad, I will take my kids out to breakfast once a month.)

Service -    What is God calling me to participate in?  What ministry will I commit to as my primary ministry?  Where will I help out?  (i.e.  I will be a leader in an ALPHA course and I will help monthly in the kids ministry)

Giving -      I realize that financially giving is also a part of partnership.  I believe my Tithe (10%) will be ______________ and I hope to give above and beyond this to other ministries in the amount of ___________.
6. Other administrative ideas
  •  Liability insurance for the church with Church Mutual or GuideOne or another good firm that specializes in churches.
  •  Make sure the church implements child-protection procedures & background checks
  •  Appropriation is to the church – then the church sets it’s budget including the pastor’s salary…
      - And insurance for the pastor
      - And pension
      - Pastor generally pays IRS quarterly themselves

Download PowerPoint presentation:
File:Stewardship ChPltTrg Facility.ppt

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