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View Staff Hiring Final Phase Questions

Staff Hiring Final Phase Questions

1.  What are your 5 greatest characteristics that make you the right person for this position?
2.  What are your 3 strongest weaknesses that will be a challenge for you and others with you in this position?
3.  What type of people do you most like working with/for/over?
4.  What types of people get under your skin and bother you/or make you less productive?
5.  Please write one page on your marriage and parenting describing your relationships/strengths/weaknesses.
6.  What steps are you prepared to take to strengthen (regardless of how strong they may be now) your marriage and parenting as you move into this position?
7.  What personal sin issues may come into play in your role as a pastor?  Do you have any particular sins that tend to be a struggle for you?  What are they?  How are you dealing with them?
8.  Pastors have a few specific sins that tend to attack them.  Lust/power/money tend to lead the race.  Write one paragraph on each topic to describe your interaction with the struggle of each.  How will you keep them from creating a downfall for you and your family/ministry team?
9.  What will the church look like 2 & 5 years from now because of your leadership influence?  Restate.. how is your hire going to positively impact the mission of Connection & Transformation through this church?
10.  What do you presently like most about this church & least about this church?
11.  Are there any theological issues that you think will come up in the future that could be divisive between you and other staff or leaders at this church?



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Category:Pastor and Staff Development