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View Staff Goals Interviews and Meetings

Staff Goals, Interviews, and Meetings

From “Direct Hit” by Paul Borden

1.  Staff Goals:
    a.  How many people will be brought to Jesus under your ministry this year?
    b.  How many new people will be trained to be in your ministry this year?
    c.  By what number or percentage will your ministry grow during this year?

2.  First Interview of the Year
    a.  What are your dreams and visions for this year?
    b.  Here are my dreams and visions for the year.
    c.  Dialogue together about how both sets of dreams and visions can be achieved this year.  Include how achieving these will impact others.
    d.  Share your expectations of them as a staff member:
        i.  They are to achieve their goals
        ii.  They are to be on time for meetings
        iii.  They must meet with you individually at set times
        iv.  They must participate in meetings and in ongoing ministry
        v.  They must grow as individuals
    e.  State that your goal is to help them achieve their goals
    f.  Discuss what needs to happen for them to develop personally and in ministry
    g.  Discuss their prayer needs for themselves, their family, and their ministry
    h.  Set the time for the second interview to discuss their goals for the year
    i.  Spend time in prayer.

3.  Second Interview of the Year (to lay out goals for the year)
    a.  Their goals must be specific, measurable, challenging and realistic
    b.  Discuss time frames for meting the goals
    c.  Discuss who needs to be recruited for their ministry in order to reach their goals
    d.  Discuss resources they need for their ministry
    e.  Confirm times and dates for future individual meetings
    f.  Spend time in prayer.

4.  Future Individual meetings with Staff
    a.  Go over goals
    b.  Work on personal development
    c.  Prayer together

Developing Staff Meetings for the Year:

1.  Spend the summer laying out the schedule for the year
2.  Determine the areas in which you want to do training; i.e. Leadership, Organization, Big Picture, Character, Team Building, Added Value.  Consider the following specific topics:
    a.  Developing mission and vision for individual ministries
    b.  Working on relationships
    c.  Recruiting
    d.  Developing teams
    e.  Risk taking
    f.  Mentoring individuals
    g.  Creating systems
    h.  Delegating
    i.  Managing resources and people
    j.  Accountability
    k.  Staff development
    l.  Sharing the church’s mission and vision
    m.  Communicating the DNA of the church
    n.  Have staff communicate the DNA
    o.  Spiritual mentoring
    p.  Integrity
    q.  Spiritual disciplines
    r.  Developing a theology of ministry
    s.  Team-building exercises
    t.  Integration issues for major events
    u.  Case studies
    v.  Personal development

Lay out the Agenda for the Year:

Meetings should be varied, however each meeting should include some of the following:
•  Coordination of calendars and events
•  Evaluation
•  Best practices shared by different individuals
•  Staff training for each other
•  Staff development
•  Personal development

There are times that common experiences should be shared:
•  Use tapes
•  Summarize books
•  Share notes on articles
•  Bring in guests who are experts in certain areas

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