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"Ten and Five" Budget Agreement
10 Questions Parenting Churches Ask
360 Survey for Pastors
40 Lessons from a 40-Year-Old Pastor
4 Stage Launch Overview Video 11-04-2011
5-Fold Test for Ethnic Diversity
African American Plants - 10 Well-Conceived Markers
Annual Staff-Building Interviews
Annual Thematic Goals
Article Ideas
Assessment Centers for Church Planters
Assessment Questionnaire for New Participants
As Goes the Leader
Audio Systems Proposal
Benchmarks in the 4-Stage Launch
Biblical Stewardship
Book Recommendations
Branding and Your Story
Breaking Barriers in Growing Churches Beyond The 200 Barrier and 800 Barrier
Breaking the 200 Barrier
Budget - Year 1 of a New Church
Budget and Cashflow Template
Catalyst Preview Service April 2008
Chapter 10 - Leadership
Chapter 11 - Orchard
Chapter 1 - The Gospel LONG VERSION
Chapter 1 - The Gospel SHORT VERSION
Chapter 2 - Prayer and Brokeness
Chapter 3 - Soil Analysis
Chapter 4 - Outreach
Chapter 5 - Mission and Vision
Chapter 5 supplement - Leading the Vision
Chapter 6 - Roots
Chapter 7 - Leaves
Chapter 8 - Branches
Chapter 9 - Fruit
Charter of Membership
Check Request and Expense Pre-Approval Form
Children's Ministry Curriculums
Children's Ministry Thou Shalt Nots
Church Marketing: 4 Circles
Church Planter's Monthly Progress Report
Church Planter's Monthly Report form
Church Planting: A 3-Way Partnership
Church Planting and Small Groups - Rick Howerton
Church Planting FAQs
Church Planting Landmines
Church Planting Mistakes
Church Planting Resource Manual
Church Plant Facility Options
Church Plant Prayer Calendar
Commissioning Video 11-05-2011
Communicating for Change: Andy Stanley's 7 Imperatives for Life-Change
Community Networking
Counting House process flow chart
Critical Success Factors
Decision Process
Developing a Church Marketing Plan
Devotion 11-03-2011 - Peter Sung
Devotion Video 11-03-2011 - Peter Sung
Devotion Video 11-04-2011 - Peter Sung
Direct Mail FAQ
DNA of Christ's Body
ECC Church Planting Types
Equipment Needs for Public Worship
Esperanza Community Assessment sample
Esperanza Covenant Church presentation
Ethical Principles for Covenant Ministers
Evaluating the Fruitfulness of a Church
Evangelism - Meeting Felt Needs
Evangelism - The Next Generation - 2-09
Evangelism as Seed Sowing
Evangelism as Spiritual Conversations - 4 Paradigm Shifts
Evangelism Entropy
Evangelism Grids 8-09
Evangelism Ideas
Evangelism in a Post-modern Context
Evangelism in the DNA
Evangelism Life Church
Evangelism Planning
Evangelism Through Worship
Evangelism Video 11-03-2011 - John Teter
Evangelism Video 12-03-2011 - John Teter
Evangelistic Temperature-Raising
Facilities 1 Day a Week
Facility Principles for Church Plants
Facility Selection
Final Copy of Strategic Ministry Plan for an Urban Plant
Financial Procedures - Using Counting House
Financial Procedures in a New Church
First Draft of a Strategic Ministry Plan for an Urban Plant
First Impressions of Guests
Fund Raising Rules of Thumb
Governance Pros and Cons
Growth Marks Benchmarks
Healthy Church Plant Assessment Analysis Years 2-3
Healthy Church Plant Assessment Analysis Year 1
Healthy Missional Markers
Hiring Process - Sample
Hispanic Ministries in the Evangelical Covenant Church
Hospitality Audit
How to Parent a New Church
How to Prepare a Sermon
Intro - Chapter Themes and Takeaways
Kids Curriculum by Church Plants 3-10
Kids Ministry Ideas 9-10
Launch Insights Renovate Covenant Church
Launch Team Training Day Materials - East Coast Conference
Leadership Balance
Leadership Blind Spots
Leadership Challenges in Church Planting
Leadership Development Video 11-05-2011 - Jason Condon
Leadership Expectations
Leadership Lids
Leadership Network Resource Guide
Leadership presentation
Leadership Quality Self-Assessment
Leadership Values Self-Assessment
Legal Process for New Covenant Churches
Lessons in Church Planting from the Book of Acts
LifeKids Policies and Procedures
Marketing Plan - Sample
Marks of a Healthy Church
Membership Covenant from Artisan Church
Message Feedback Report
Mileage log and Expense Reimbursement
Ministry Flow Chart
Ministry Flow Chart - Spanish
Ministry Models - Creating a Ministry Flow Chart
Mission and Vision Examples
Mission Message clips
Model Constitutions - Summary
Model Constitution - Board Model
Model Constitution - Council Model
Model Constitution - Leadership Team Model
Model Constitution and Bylaws-Leadership Model-Spanish Modelo Constitucional
Moving Toward Maturity workbook
Musicians Guild Concept for worship music
Names: Church Name Survey Results
Names for Churches
Open Source Outreach: Enlisting Your People for Fresh Outreach Ideas
Organizing for Mission
Outreach Print Materials: Tips & Tricks Files & Resources
Parenting a New Church - New York State
Parenting Churches Study
Parenting Plusses
Participation Survey
Pastoral Relations Committee
Pastoral Relations Committee Guidelines
Pastors Technology Seminar
Personal Growth Plan
Pointers for Resolving Church Conflicts
Policies and Procedures: Sample of Categories
Policies and Procedures - Sample Categories
Portable Sound Proposals
Potential Staff Interview Questionnaire
Prayer - J Edwin Orr - The Role of Prayer in Spiritual Awakening
Prayer 12-03-2011
Prayer Partner Ministry
Prayer Video 11-03-2011
Pray for Kids
Pre-Assessment Form and Preparing to Plant a Church
Process for Assessment Center Invitation
Process for Parenting-Partnering of New Churches
Purpose-Driven Marks of a Healthy Congregation
Putting a Church Outreach Plan Together
Releasing Leaders - audio talk by Harvey Carey
Renovate Ministry Plan
Request for Volunteers form
Resolving Group Conflict
Safety Administration Procedures - Church Manual
Sample Constitution from Artisan Church
Sample Policy and Personnel Manual
San Diego Feb 2010 - Church Planters Training
Seed & DNA Video 11-04-2011
Self-evaluation for More Effective Ministry
Small Group Development
Small Group Host Home and Leader Signup Cards
Soil 12-03-2011 - Kurt Carlson
Soil Video 11-03-2011 - Kurt Carlson
Some Thoughts on Worship
Staff Firing
Staff Goals Interviews and Meetings
Staff Handbook - Personnel Policies FAQ
Staff Hiring - Life Church
Staff Hiring Final Phase Questions
Staff Prioritizing Planning and Goal-Setting
Staff Report Form - Simple
Stages 3 & 4 Overview Video 11-04-2011
Stewardship: Church Plant Training Facility
Stewardship: Why The Offering
Stewardship Biblical Definition
Stewardship PowerPoint
Stewardship Step-Chart and Tithing Chart
Strategic Plan - Esperanza Covenant Church
Summer Programs
Target Group Strategy
Ten common barriers to growing your church
The Big Story - Sharing the Gospel
The State of the Church in the Grand Rapids Metro Area 1990-2000
Top Five Church Growth Barriers
Transitional Leadership Teams
Transitional Leadership Teams First and Second Years in a Church Plant
Urban Church Planting Models
Urban Healthy Church Formational Stages
Vision Alignment and Guarding Against Culture Drift
Volunteer Application
Volunteer Interview
What is a Covenant Church
Why I Still Believe in Small Groups - 3-09
Wired for Evangelism presentation
Worship Service Observations