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View Safety Administration Procedures - Church Manual

Church Manual: Safety Administration Procedures

Download MS Word Document here:
File:Church Manual Total.doc

Safety Team Mission Statement: To develop and maintain safety policies and procedures for the sole purpose of creating a safe environment at CHURCH.

Safety Team Selection and Screening: The Safety Team, including the leader, will be selected by CHURCH staff to participate on this team.  Each member will be screened according to the Children’s Ministry Volunteer process.  In this instance, CHURCH staff will review the application and accompanying attachments to determine if the individual meets the requirements for participation.

Safety Team Meeting Schedule: The committee will meet monthly and more often as required to address current issues.

1.  To develop and maintain safety policies and procedures for Children’s Ministries.
2.  To administer the Children’s Ministry Volunteer process.
3.  To assist other ministries where appropriate.

Safety policies and procedures: At a minimum, the committee will be responsible for developing the following procedures:


  • Medical Emergency
  • Tornado Safety
  • Lost or Missing Child
  • Bathroom Procedures
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Bomb Threat
  • Active Shooter
  • Parent Consent Form
  • Safety Team Agreement
  • Volunteer Information

To read the entire manual, download MS Word Document here:
File:Church Manual Total.doc


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