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View Process for Parenting-Partnering of New Churches

Process for Parenting/Partnering of New Churches

Step 1 – Preliminaries
•  Learn about how your church could plant a new church without it negatively impacting your own church.
•  Schedule a time for your leadership to spend 2 hours with a church planting director to help process information.  After subsequent processing, make a decision to consider looking at planting a new church.
•  Recommend an intention to your congregation.  Supply adequate information through a communication process.  If needed, get congregational approval.

Step 2 – Preparation
•  Begin discussing with the church planting director the ‘where, when and how’ of a church planting project.
•  Communicate with possible partner churches and form a church planting task force made up of people from all the parent church (and possible partner churches) that meets with the Church Planting Director.
•  Develop a specific timeline for this church plant.  (The dates can be adjusted as God begins opening doors or as He slows down the process.)
•  Communicate to congregation the key elements of the church plant.

Step 3 – Proceed
•  Actively work with the Church Planting Director and the Covenant on searching for the right church planter.  In the ECC, church planters must pass an Assessment Center.
•  The Parent/Partner Churches, the Covenant, and the GLC must all agree on the candidate.
•  Church Planter and/or Church Planting Director hosts a core group training seminar for leaders from the parent church and for any interested, potential core members.
•  Develop plans for supporting the church plant: Prayer, Fishing License (where the church planting “casts” the vision to the members of the parent church and then works with those who “bite” on it and who sense God’s call to be a part of this local mission), Parts (equipment), Participation in Outreach Events, along with…
•  Develop plans for Financial Support, from the church budgets, or other ways…  so there is realistic and predictable funding for the first 3 years of the plant.

Step 4 – Parent/Partner – Start of New Plant
•  Church Planter arrives.
•  Fishing License, Funding plan, Launch sequence and Parent—Daughter expectations are all in place.
•  Stage 1 begins for the new church—the Core Group Gathering state.  The emerging core group of Mission-minded believers is taking shape and new people outside the parent/partner churches are beginning to jump on board.
•  Parent Church holds a Commissioning Service before the new church begins to meet weekly.


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