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View Process for Assessment Center Invitation

Process for Assessment Center Invitation

The Evangelical Covenant Church is committed to planting thriving, self-sustaining, local churches that are engaged in fruitful mission over a long period of time. We believe that the process of planting this type of church begins with assuring we have the right pastors planting those churches. We believe we will be effective in planting these types of churches to the degree that we exercise discernment in the selection and deployment of church planting pastors. Our goal, with the help of the Holy Spirit, is to identify those whom God has called and equipped to be church planting pastors. The Assessment Center is a key piece in that discernment process. 

Much study has been done to determine the key gifting, life experiences, character traits, and personality profiles resident in those individuals that will find church planting both energizing and fruitful. The Assessment Center is a multi-day event structured around observation, group exercises, interviews, preaching, and team times that allow the Assessment team to prayerfully bring a disposition regarding an individual’s readiness to plant with the Evangelical Covenant Church. The role of the Assessment team is to assist the candidates with discerning God’s call regarding church planting. 

The steps that lead to an invitation to attend a Church Planting Assessment Center are outlined below: 

1. Pre-Assessment: Candidate begins to meet with Conference staff, typically the Conference Director of Church Planting. This process may begin more than a year before a candidate attends an Assessment Center.

  • A first meeting is typically a “get acquainted” meeting. Candidates often bring a resume or ministry profile and some examples of previous ministry experience with them to this meeting.
  • After the first meeting the candidate is encouraged to pray for a period of time and seek God’s will in regard to the planting of a church. The impetus is placed on the candidate to make follow-up contact if they feel God is leading them to plant and they still desire to continue in this direction.
  • During this time of seeking God, the candidate is encouraged to visit the Conference website and to take the self-assessment tool that is posted there as well as complete other self-assessment tools as may be supplied by the Conference Director of Church Planting. The Conference Director of Church Planting will be copied on these self- assessment tools.
  • On the next visit the candidate is given several worksheets that are designed to get the candidate thinking critically about the details surrounding church planting. These are to be completed and brought to the next meeting where they will be discussed.
  • If things continue to move in a satisfactory direction, the Director of Church Planting of the regional Conference will set up a meeting to include the candidate’s spouse, if they are married. 
  • If the candidate is currently serving in a ministry context, the Director of Church Planting may make a confidential visit to the church the candidate is currently serving. This will only be done if it will not jeopardize the current ministry position of the candidate.
  • A follow-up visit is established to talk about Covenant distinctives, to discuss educational background and answer any other questions prior to the extending of an assessment center invite.
  • If the candidate and the Director of Church Planting feel things should continue to progress, the Director of Church Planting will gather all the necessary information needed to fill out an Assessment Center invitation form, ministry reference requests, and background checks. 

2. Assessment: The Assessment Center invitation will be sent, by the Conference Director of Church Planting, at least 8 weeks prior to the assessment center. The invitation will be sent to the administrator of the Covenant Assessment Centers.

  • The Administrator will then send the candidate, and spouse if applicable, a link to go online and take a battery of assessment tools that will be used as a part of the assessment process. These are to be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the Assessment Center.
  • They will also send out a fact sheet to the candidate with the details of the Assessment Center which will include the location of the assessment center, the hotel you will be staying at, the times, dress code, assignments to come prepared with, transportation details and contact information.
  • This information will outline the ticket price guidelines, arrival and departure times to book flights around, and ground transportation details.
  • The Candidate and spouse will make their own flight arrangements after receiving this information.
  • The Candidate and spouse, if married, will arrive at the Assessment Center rested and ready to fully participate in the Assessment Center.


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