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View Pre-Assessment Form and Preparing to Plant a Church

Pre-Assessment Form and Preparing to Plant a Church

Download MSWord Document:
File:Pre-Assessment Form and Preparing to Plant a Church.doc

Evangelical Covenant Church Pre-Assessment Form

Please complete this form (download above or print this page) and email it to your conference DCP








Current Position:


Potential Partner Church(es):      

Location for Potential Plant:      

1. Is there a convergence of inner sense of call, affirmation of people, and external circumstances that lead
you to believe God is calling you to church planting at this time?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

2. Are there any personal or ministry situations that require further attention for adequate closure?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

3. Would your spouse say your marriage and family are healthy and fully supportive of church planting?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

4. Do you have the physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality to embark on this challenge?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

5. Do you understand what the gifts of a church planter are and believe God has invested these in me?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

6. Do you have a history of gathering, networking with, and connecting people?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

7. Do many people see you as a leader and desire to follow you?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

8. Do people experience life-change and energy when you preach?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

9. Do you consider yourself a lifelong learner? Avid reader?
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

10. I will have family and community support near the location of this new church.
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

11. My family relationships growing up were nurturing, functional and loving.
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

12. I tithe 10% of my income.
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

13. I can and am willing to raise $50,000 in the first 2 years to help start this new church.
__ Yes   __ No   __ Somewhat

14. Give an example over the past year of a difficult situation when your resiliency and adaptability allowed you to push through or wait it out.

15. Give 1 example over the past year when God spoke to you about your own brokenness and God used that brokenness to minister to someone.

16. What are the significant people and events in your life that brings you to this point today?

17. If you could do something else with your life other than ministry, what would that be?

18. In the elevator, you run into a couple that you want to recruit to your launch team. In one minute, share your vision with them.

19. At a coffee shop, your waiter asks you about God. In one minute, share the Gospel with him.

20. Share a story of evangelism from the past year.

21. Share about your prayer life; and, share a story of spiritual warfare from the past year.

22. Give an example over the past year when you initiated or started something.

23. How many quality contacts do you have in the target area? What are 2 key ways you’ll gather people to the church? Who is your target group?

24. Share about a time your mentor/coach/teacher/boss helped you deal with a problem in life or ministry.


Preparing To Plant A Church

Using the following questions as a guide, prepare a document (not more than two pages) that describes the church God is calling you to plant. If you plant with the Covenant, you will be trained on key Biblical principles for church planting. Keep in mind that the faith community you describe in this document will be a “work in progress” and that some things will change and/or need refinement as you move toward actually launching the church.

Why plant a new church?

• Your calling
• Your vision
• Your sense of the need

Who will you reach?

• Where do you want to plant and why?
• Describe your ministry focus
• Describe the needs of the community
• Desired meeting location
• Include demographic studies of the region

What kind of church will you plant?

• Core values
• Mission statement
• Ministry style (how you will work as a church)

How will you plant this church?

• Describe the “ideal” launch team.
• Describe how you will lead as the church planter.
• List the kinds of team member you will need.
• List the names of anyone currently committed to helping you plant this church.


• Timeline: Desired launch date
• Finances: What financial resources do you have at your disposal?
• Partner churches: What church(es) may be willing to partner with you and us, including non-Covenant




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