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View Potential Staff Interview Questionnaire

Potential Staff Interview Questionnaire


Phone Number (s):


Date of completing the questionnaire:

Please answer the following questions:

1.  Provide a brief (bullet form) description of your life journey since high school (college, jobs, marriage, etc.)

2.  What is the ideal job for you today (write a brief description)? 

3.  Hypothetical: If you were not pursuing this ministry position, what other ministry
    position(s) would you pursue?

4.  Hypothetical: If you were leaving ministry for secular work, what profession
    would you pursue?

5.  Why are you interested in this ministry position?

6.  How long have you been looking for a new ministry position?

7.  What are your spiritual gifts?  Your spouse’s spiritual gifts (if married)?

8.  Have you ever done a personality profile (e.g. DISC, Meyers-Briggs, etc.).  If so,
    what characteristics best describe you? 

9.  Check out our web site and our statement of faith.  Are your
    beliefs consistent with ours (to the best of your knowledge).  Do you
    feel compatible with who we are as a church and our vision for ministry.

10.  From a review of our web site, is there anything that concerns you?

11.  Why are you feeling lead to leave your current job? (or why are you looking for
      another job)?

12.    What are your top 2-3 personal strengths?  (Be candid with your response.)

13.  What would you say are 2-3 personal weaknesses?  (Be candid with your response.)

14.  Describe your experiences working as a part of a ministry team.

15.  Describe your relationships with non-believers today.  Describe how you are personally reaching out to them in your day to day relationships.

16.  Describe your extended family and your relationships with them (your parents, and if married, your spouses parents).

17.  If married, describe your marriage relationship.

18.  What are your passions (please be as specific as possible)?

19.  What do you do in your spare time (hobbies, to relax, just for fun).

20.  Describe 2-3 initiatives or projects that you personally were responsible for starting.  Describe your role in the planning and implementation of those initiatives. 

21.  Describe your leadership style.

22.  What are 2-3 key things you’ve learned about yourself in previous ministry positions?

23.  How do you define success in your area of ministry?

24.  Briefly describe your personal faith journey.  How did you become a Christian?


Please provide a short answer to the following questions.  Be brief (a single sentence is okay).

1.  More about yourself:

•  What are the last 3 books you’ve read?

•  What are the last 3 movies you went to or rented?

•  List your favorite TV shows.

•  Describe the “perfect” night out for you.

•  What are your hobbies?

•  Who are your favorite sports teams?

•  Who do you like to listen to when listening to music?

•  What would be the ideal vacation trip?

2.  Spiritual practices:

•  Have you ever lead a small group?  Describe that experience.

•  Describe what you do for Bible study.

•  Give a short description of your prayer life.

•  What is your attitude about fasting?

•  Describe how you handle the resources God has given you.

3.  Personal Disciplines:

•  Describe how you handle money (e.g. debt, the use of credit).

•  How do you handle personal budgeting?

•  Describe your attitudes about work.

•  Describe how you balance exercise, rest, work, and play.

•  Talk about any vices/addictions.

4.  Personal Beliefs (Briefly describe your beliefs for each topic).

•  The Bible

•  The Trinity

•  Jesus Christ

•  The Holy Spirit

•  Baptism

•  Women in Ministry

•  Homosexuality

•  Abortion

•  The Mission of the Church

5.  Scenarios:  Briefly describe how you would handle each situation.

•  A non-Christian couple in the small group you lead informs you that they are living together and are not married.  How would you respond?  How would your response differ if the couple was Christian?

•  A person of the opposite sex informs you they are having personal problems and indicates they want to meet with you.  How would you handle the situation?

•  Someone calls the church office and shares with you that they’re homosexual.  They want to know if they would be accepted in your church.  How would you respond?

•  A woman in your church informs you she is being abused by her husband.  What would you do?

•  An acquaintance approaches you and asks you what they need to do to become a Christian.  What would you tell them? 



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Category:Pastor and Staff Development