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View Policies and Procedures - Sample Categories

Policies and Procedures

Sample of Categories

These policies and procedures live out the constitution and bylaws of our church in more specific ways.  They may be changed by a vote of the Leadership Team.  Important changes should always be discussed thoroughly and may need 2 Leadership Team meetings before enacting it.  Changes that impact the congregation in an important way should be communicated in a clear way.  Of course, some changes will entail a bylaw amendment – it that case, follow the process outlined in the bylaws.

1.  Stewardship and Financial Procedures
      a.  Debt Policy
      b.  Teaching of Stewardship
      c.  Building the budget
          i.  From the Ministry Teams
          ii.  By the Budget committee
      d.  Use of Petty Cash

2.  Membership Procedures
      a.  Number of membership classes
      b.  How members are received

3.  Working with Children and Youth

4.  Ministry Teams

5.  “Ministry Flow Chart”

6.  Staff
      a.  Policies for the Pastor-Relations Committee
      b.  Agreements to pay benefits for ECC pastors

7.  Nominating Committee

Category:Interconnectedness - Coaching & Counsel