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2008 Personal Growth Plan For Church Planting Leaders

Michael Brown, Director of Church Planting
Northwest Conference of the ECC

1. Personal Development

•  Are there any character issues you want to address this next year?
•  Define your level of passion for your current ministry context.
•  What things do you need to unload from your life to maintain your focus on church planting?
•  How are you doing with living a well-ordered life, finding work/family balance?

2. Team Building

•  What areas do you think you need to grow in to more effectively lead your team?
•  How can you better communicate with those God has placed you in leadership with?
•  How can you share the dream and vision for the church?
•  What are you planning to do to empower others for ministry?
•  Who do you need to develop and empower this next year?

3. Strategic Planning

•  What changes do you plan to make this next year?
•  What are the biggest roadblocks in your church planting efforts as you look at this next year?
•  What are your greatest opportunities?
•  What things do you need to make priorities for this next year?

4. System Development

•  What areas within the church require greater focus this next year?
•  What teams or structures need to be added or dropped?
•  How will you implement change?

5. Vision Casting

•  How will you inspire and motivate others in 2008?
•  What would make communication of the vision God has given you more clear and compelling?
•  What do you have to change in order to more effectively communicate your vision for church planting to your church?

6. Spiritual Formation

•  Describe your prayer and devotional life the way you would like it to be in 2008.
•  What resources do you need to grow in your relationship with Christ?
•  What areas do you need to focus on in your spiritual journey this next year?
•  Describe a commitment you’re making to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

7. Servant Leadership

•  Where do you need to grow to lead effectively?
•  How can you better model Biblical leadership in your church?

8. Stewardship

•  Describe your personal stewardship (use of time, talent, and treasure) in support of the ministries of your church.
•  In what area(s) do you need to invest this year?
•  How are you going to help your church better understand Biblical stewardship.


Category:Fruitfulness - Years 2-3