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View Names for Churches

Names for Churches

  1. Needs to express the character and call of the church.  For example, if your Biblical Identity comes from a text like John 10:10b “I have come that they may have life, life more abundantly,” then Life Church is a good name.  It reinforces your identity every time it’s repeated.  You can also go to your Mission Statement, Vision, or Core Values and find a name that expresses them well.
  2. Needs to be attractive and understandable to your Mission Field.  You may come up with a name that’s attractive to your group, but if it doesn’t connect with and attract people from the Mission Field, then you should keep looking.  For example, a church that’s located by a strong River system and that has core values of helping people dive into God’s love and into mission with God’s people, can consider names like: The River, Watershed, WaterMark, etc.
  3. Should have an easy URL address.  This becoming more important than advertising in the Phone book.  Try to get an address that is clean, without dashes or with too many words.  For example is clean, is not. 

To Find a Good Name for a Church:

  1. Use the process above, then
  2. Run the top options past a focus group or two.  Or have your people run these past friends at work etc to see which name comes out as most attractive to them.
  3. Vote on the new name
  4. Celebrate and Market the new name to your Mission Field.  This can include newspaper articles, ads, mailers, etc.  It’s an opportunity to take advantage of the power of the NEW.

For Covenant Churches, we like to see “Covenant” or “Evangelical Covenant” as part of the official name.  Eg. Life Covenant Church or LifeChurch: an evangelical covenant church.
Covenant is our “last name” or “family name” and is important in identifying your family.
However, in shorter conversations you generally only use your first name. 


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