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View Moving Toward Maturity workbook

Download Full Workbook here:
File:Moving Toward Maturity.doc

Moving Toward Maturity

A Workbook for Monitoring Our Church’s Progress

Compiled & Written By
Donald T. Robinson, Associate Superintendent
North Pacific Conference
9311 SE 36th Street Suite 208
Mercer, Island, WA 98040
Office: (206) 275-3903
Cell:  (425) 985-5964
Email:  (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Our goal is to have a congregation be self-sufficient within three to four years.  This means that a congregation will need to be between 125 – 150 in attendance in order to financially support a full-time pastor and all the costs for facilities and program.

Three primary indicators of a church’s progress are: attendance, conversions and stewardship.  These are obviously not the only three dimensions of ministry; however, trends in these areas do tend to give insight into ministry areas that support these figures.  For example, attendance can give insight into visitor flow, (who is visiting the church and who is staying).  Conversions can point to the evangelistic passion and effectiveness of a church’s outreach.  Stewardship can point to discipleship as people increase their involvement and investment in the church’s ministry.

Table of Contents
1. How To Use This Resource Workbook
2. Staff & Building Considerations
3. Analyzing Our Attendance
4. Evangelism
5. Analyzing our Visitor Flow
6. Calculating Our Net Numerical Growth
7. Follow-Up
8. Backdoor Loss
9. Troubleshooting our Growth Trends
10. What do our Budget and Stewardship Practices say about our priorities?
11. Analyzing our Giving
12. 6 Doors for Mission Giving
13. Assimilation
14. Discipleship & Spiritual Formation
15. Ministry Plans
16. Our Church’s Quarterly Goals
17. Resources

Download Full Workbook here:
File:Moving Toward Maturity.doc

Category:Development - Tools for Growth & Administrative Systems
Category:Strategies and Systems