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View Model Constitutions - Summary



The Evangelical Covenant Church and the Northwest Conference affirm three different constitutional models for use by local Covenant Churches. This is true for new churches, as well as for those wanting to adapt existing structures to increase effectiveness for future ministry potential.

The three model constitutions included for your consideration include:

•  Model Constitution - Board Model

•  Model Constitution - Council Model

•  Model Constitution - Leadership Team Model

As you review these documents, you will notice that many of the items contained in each are the same. The primary difference centers on who has the authority for the day to day operational decisions.

Each of the models consistently affirms that the congregation (acting through its congregational meetings) has the final say on the primary matters of the church. These include such things as the calling and dismissal of a pastor/ incurring of debt/ the closure of the church.

As a rule, the Board Model seems to be least centralized, while the Leadership Model appears to give more authority to the primary leaders to make operational decisions in order to be most efficient and to expedite matters so that they do not get ”bogged down” in unnecessary time delays.

These models have been approved for usage with only minor adaptations suggested. In this way, a local church can be assured that it has included everything that is needed in order to be consistent with constitutional standards expected of non-profit entities.

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