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Mission and Vision Examples

1. Life Covenant, Torrence, CA – Pastor Tim Morey

Vision and Core Values:
“To be and make disciples in authentic community for the good of the world, in the presence and power of Jesus.”

To be and make disciples – We envision men and women who live as deeply devoted students of Jesus. They are becoming real – transformed from the inside out. They live in this world, but belong to another. They are learning to live their lives as Jesus would live them, and are free from legalistic rule-keeping, phony posturing, plastic spirituality, attempts to earn the favor of God and people, and from bashing themselves and others. Their lives result in others becoming followers of Jesus as well.

In authentic community – We envision a loving, authentic community of people who want to come closer to God. They do life deeply together. They have been immersed in the reality of the Trinity, and are part of the great family of saints that transcends the bounds of race, gender, age, social status, culture, and time. They journey together, encouraging, challenging, carrying, and pushing one another. They are deeply aware that they have received compassion from God, and they give it generously to everyone they encounter.

For the good of the world – We envision an outward-focused community, eagerly looking to share what they have received. Their lives overflow in compassionate service and in the proclamation of the good news of Jesus: that the Kingdom of God is available to all!

They are ambassadors of God’s Kingdom, placed in society as students, teachers, laborers, and professionals. They carry Christ with them into every area of life. Their unique giftedness is used to carry out God’s mission in the local church, and in numerous churches planted, from the South Bay to the farthest corners of the planet.

In the presence and power of Jesus – We envision people who live an authentic spirituality, intimately connected to Jesus. The real and present life of Christ alive in them is transforming them into the people God always envisioned them to be. They move in the strength of the Spirit, carrying out God’s purposes for them and growing in love with God and with people. They live with grateful hearts, as those who have learned how to receive a gift. Their thankfulness spills out in awe-filled lives of passionate worship and an outflowing of God’s grace.

Core Values:

  • biblical (up) - God has revealed himself through the Scriptures, which are our source of authority for life and worship
  • devotional - (in) nothing is more important than a love relationship with Jesus
  • missional – (out) mission is why the church exists
  • connectional – (together) authentic, loving community is the context for mission
  • bravehearts – courageous faith
  • contextualization - cultural relevance is not optional
  • grace-full – we will live in the abundant grace of God, freely receiving it and freely giving it away

2. Fountain of Life Covenant Church, Long Beach, CA – Pastor John Teter

Fountain of Life Covenant Church is a multi-racial and multi-class fellowship of people drawn together by Jesus. We are a new church plant, located in the urban triangle of North Long Beach, Carson and Compton. FOL is a church that is committed to being a good neighbor in our local community. We are not a church that is merely in the city. We are a church that is for the city, works with the city, and labors for the good of city.

Our vision is to be a church that is used by God to develop Kingdom Workers. In Luke 10.2, Jesus teaches us to pray that the Father would send more laborers into the harvest. The Lord tells us that there is shortage of Kingdom Workers. The people who are open and ready to be reached with the gospel are great in numbers. The workers are few. This is one of the few instances he tells us exactly what to pray. Developing workers is near to the heart of the Savior. We believe Kingdom Workers experience Jesus in a unique way.

Our mission is not wearisome labor, but an invitation for more of Jesus. To labor with God in mission is an acted out doxology. We describe this experience as a child who is invited by their parent to the office. God works with us in our urban context.

FOL is founded upon two central ideas in order to achieve our vision of developing Kingdom Workers. First, we believe in impact mentoring. Jesus changed the world by relationally developing 12 lay leaders. In the same way, we seek to grow our members into Kingdom leadership through personal mentoring and training. This is especially true of our college-aged members. Our goal is to be a church that plants new churches and develops church planting pastors. We are committed to partnering with God to transform our mission field into our mission force.

Charles Simeon is the patron saint of More Than Conquerors. Simeon is one of the giants in Christian leadership. He served as the pastor Holy Trinity Church at Cambridge University. He mentored and developed college students for 54 years, living in the dorm. (If he did that today at DH, he would definitely become a Snoop Dogg fan.) His impact changed the face of Christianity in England. We believe that God is calling us to mentor and develop young leaders for the Kingdom, in the spirit of Simeon. May we imitate his faith and may God bless us with a fraction of his fruit.

Our second big idea is the communion between urban and suburban communities. Our context in Los Angeles provides a shared opportunity for a synergistic partnership in ministry, learning, economics and community development.

In Luke 1, Mary sings about the great deeds of Yahweh. Our God is committed to lifting the poor and those of humble estate and bringing down the rich and powerful. The vision of the Kingdom come on earth is a united community of rich and poor. God is committed to bringing together his people in the middle.

Urban centers and suburban centers need one another to bring about long-term transformation in the hoods and the lives of suburbanites in Los Angeles. The urban centers need the stability and resources of the suburban areas. The suburban centers need the urban center to engage in Luke 4 mission, compassion and evangelistic breakthroughs. We believe that the walls in the church today are not only ethnic, but economic. A loving community of rich and poor sharing life, mission and resources brings great glory to God.

3. NewSong Church, Irvine CA + other sites – Pastor David Gibbons

Biblical ZERA
The Story of Newsong Church

Dave Gibbons

It happened while I was in Irvine, California for a speaking engagement.

It was the Fall of 1993 when I sensed God wanting me to start a church after reading Psalm 40. I read:
“I waited patiently for the Lord, And He inclined to me, and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay; And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm. And He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our god; Many will see and fear, And will trust in the Lord.”

These words resonated in my heart because God had transformed my life in so many amazing ways! In fact, the place where I finally said “yes” to God was in Telluride, Colorado, on a rock in the middle of a large field. That rock was symbolic of how God brought stability to my life after my parents struggled with a painful divorce. Later when my mother was killed in a hit-and-run accident, God would be that Rock once again. So when I read these verses in that hotel room, it was as if this psalmist words were my own.

This idea of a new song started to align with a passage I had read earlier that year about new wineskins. I remember being broken by the fact that there weren’t too many churches reaching the next generation who were both post-modern and multi-ethnic in flavor. As a kid, my best friends were African-American or Caucasian. I had wondered why churches were so segregated. Furthermore, I saw how most of the churches I knew weren’t connecting with my friends. Church seemed so irrelevant and boring to them.

Then I took a hard look at where I was serving. It was a great church yet because of it’s immigrant nature it was not reaching the new global village that was fast emerging. It became clear to me what the “new song” was. It was to begin a multi-ethnic movement that would reach the next generation. How? Through planting churches and focusing on the next generation of leadership.

A Church on the Move!
Since our start (in 1994) we’ve moved over 30 times to different rooms and locations. We’ve met in other churches, hotels, a park, a nightclub, and even the elks lodge. Each have their incredible stories that go with them. Ask me some time what happened one Sunday morning when we discovered that we couldn’t hold services at our regularly rented facility. We have some crazy but God-size stories!

Today NewSong has grown into a dynamic and growing multi-ethnic church. We have at least 15 different races represented in our congregation. The Asian population is the largest in our church but the White, Hispanic and African-American crowd is growing every year. Moreover, the Asian crowd is very diverse. When you get even a Korean and a Japanese person together that is like crossing the African-American and White barriers. We are intentional and committed to being a church that represents the beauty, mystery and diversity found in God.

What’s Next? This Ain’t Your Mama’s Church!  (VISION)
We’re looking at becoming a church that releases our community to impact the world through the arts, relevant and holistic ministry to the poor, technology, business, media, church planting and leadership development. We are hoping to catalyze a host of ministries to address local and global concerns in a holistic and strategic way.

We are serious about being an advocate of the poor and promoting justice among all humankind. There are plans for inner city development, new churches and arts/technology centers here in our backyard and around the world. We just don’t want to play church. We desire to be the church! We like to say this “Ain’t Your Mama’s Church?” Which means, while the truth of God may not change, each generation must construct it’s own language and style to connect with God and with the real world.

Download New Song’s Mission Vision chart, MS Word
File:Mission Vision New Song.doc

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