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View Ministry Models - Creating a Ministry Flow Chart

Creating a Ministry Flow Chart

Flow Chart Example: Ministry Flow Chart

Envision what your church will look like in 2 years. 

MODELS OF MINISTRY—Developing a ministry flow chart

A Ministry Flow Chart is a diagram of all your church’s future major ministries, showing the key ministry components relate to one another in the process of helping people grow toward spiritual maturity.  A Ministry Flow chart depicts the logical ministry sequence by which people move from being unbelievers to being mature church leaders.

This meant to be a SNAPSHOT.

Idea:  Have each group sit down and write letters from the future church back to the launch team describing what the church looks like in 5 years.  As the group shares together what this new church looks like have them begin to develop a snapshot, a diagram that shows what the church looks like with all the major ministries and their relationship to one another.  Tie this in with the models. 

After they’ve developed their own architecture, then expose them to the models in the training.  They can compare and tweak their model or one of the examples so they can begin to develop a plan that will work for them.  This map will be helpful as they begin talking about the 4 stage process.  Begin with the end in mind and then this will impact how they process moving through the 4 stage launch process. 

•  What activities will you do to achieve this result?
•  What structure needs to be developed to achieve this result?
•  What leadership gifts are necessary to achieve this?
•  What training will be needed?
•  Why is this step important?  (a map is necessary so you know when you’re on the right track)
•  Who will you invite to join you to get where you want to go?
•  What will you do missionally to get here?

Where in the ministry model are people most likely to come to faith?
Where in this ministry model are people most likely to be discipled?
Where in this ministry model will people have significant opportunity to serve?
Where in this Ministry model are true leaders developed?
Where in this ministry model is the church invested outside of itself to bless and serve the community?

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