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View Leadership Challenges in Church Planting

Leadership Challenges in Church Planting

Can you be led?  This will determine how far you can develop as a leader.
      o Developing a Great Coaching Relationship: your relationship with your coach - resources, evaluations, topics…
      - Get together regularly with other church planters who are at your stage or who are just beyond you to share prayer requests, best practices, challenges, etc.
      - Get together with your coach at least once a month.  Use the Monthly Church Planters Report to talk about issues. 
          o In year one: use the Growth-Marks document with your coach.
      - Respect your coach, i.e. become TEACHABLE

THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR that will determine whether a church planter will get even better is whether they are TEACHABLE.
      o   The lesser-performing church planters are NOT very teachable.  They often think they know better than their coach.
      o   The highest-performing church planters ARE very teachable.  They seek out advice and think deeply about it, even when they initially disagree with this counsel.  The High-performing church planter isn’t necessarily the most highly-gifted – however, they are often the MOST Teachable:
          •  Always asking questions
          •  Getting feedback from many people (even their critics)
          •  Developing mentoring relationships with peers and with more experienced leaders.
          •  Develop their ministry gifts: particularly communication, leadership, gathering and building.
          •  Identify, invest in, and empower other leaders, both staff and lay.  They become a “leader of leaders.”
          •  Find new ways to organize and structure ministry of the church for greatest effectiveness and fruitfulness.

Leading through Change and the various stages of leadership needed as the church grows
- how to handle disappointments as a pastor and team  
- leading in a plant up to 75 attendance, from 75 to 150 attendance, from 150 to 400 attendance, leading beyond…
          o Lyle Schaller, The Very Large Church
          o Mark Batterson, Chase the Lion, a church planter in Washington DC on courage and risk-taking
          o Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, great book by Patterson, Grenny, Maxfield, McMillan, and Switzler.  6 core aspects of influence.
          o Integrity: the courage to meet the demands of reality by Henry Cloud.  Some have called this the best book on leadership they’ve read.
          o Leading with Confidence by Bobb Biehl (also avail in Spanish).  Originally published as “30 Days to Confident Leadership” this book is very helpful in raising the right questions for a variety of leadership challenges.  Available at  Also great resources, egs. “Masterplanning Arrow” and “Building Your First Building.”  For more info on Bobb Biehl’s organization, go to 


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