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View Launch Insights Renovate Covenant Church

Launch Insights

Renovate Covenant Church 2008

  • We set a specific day (Feb. 10th) in which we could put our time and energy behind.  Anticipating we would have many new people with us on that day in forced us to take “a fresh look” at what we were doing and how we were doing it so we could “tidy things up”
  • 3 weeks out we sent out 10,000 postcards advertising the 6-week series that was beginning on Feb. 10th.  “Designed For Greatness” a series to inspire and encourage people to become all that God as made them to be.
  • 1.5 weeks out we sent out another 10,000 mailers to the same database (20-35 year olds within a 3 mile radius of our zip).  This peace was a full sheet (8.5 x 11) glossy, folded in half and simply read:  “you’re invited” on the cover; stated Feb 10th in BIG print, and then 3 quick bullets about what people could expect.
  • Website.  We created a new website that gives a great glimpse into who renovate is.  All of our mailers had the website in large print. (spent about $2,700.00).  The sites main page has rotating images that correspond with the mailers.  messages to download, place to share a personal story, who to contact if you’d like to serve, as well as philosophies that we hold to.
  • Saturday 1 week before launch we bought the entire back page of the 1st section of the main paper.  Full color.we had full creative control on imagery and verbiage.  We used this to introduce ourselves to the community, highlight our parent church Forest Park, and talk about all the good things we are about.  We also pointed to Feb 10th and our website.
  • Wed, Thurs, Fri News Paper (1 week before and week of) we had a 3 x 5 add running in the paper highlighting Feb 10, the new series, and our website.
  • 2 weeks prior we distributed 50 double sided yard signs (the political kind.bright red) that said:  “You’re invited.Feb 10th Renovate Church”, etc.  Although these were picked up by the city (violated some silly ordinance even on private property).this really got our people pumped up for Feb. 10th.
  • We utilized biz cards that we treated as invite cards as well as excess “designed for greatness” cards. 
  • All of these things worked together to enable a successful word of mouth.  It gave our people great confidence to know that “the word was out”. as well as the multiple touches really resonated.  This also helped because we solidified a strong “brand” (unified logo and message [what we wanted people to do])
  • We also spent the 6 Sundays before Feb 10th in an evangelism series called: “Channel 4: Broadcasting the Kingdom”. I figured that if wanted our people to share their faith, etc. we (me) were responsible to help equip them to do that effectively in our context.
  • Party at the Pastor’s:  Basically Potlucks at my home.  We did one in December, Jan, and in late Feb.  We have seen a great turn out (35-55 people).  A great “medium sized group” for people to connect in an intentional but non-threatening way.  I share for 5 min. tops about the vision for Renovate.
  • Guitar Hero Family Night:  During our launch we have a local bar/grill owner who is closing down his place for us on a Sunday night (he doesn’t get much business then anyway) so we can have the run of the place and play Guitar Hero on the big screens (Guitar Hero has connected with more people of various ages than I thought).  We are heavily emphasizing our people inviting their friends (people might be afraid of Church on a sunday morning even if it meets in a HS, but they will come hang out at a sports bar).  Not every church planter has connections like this to have a bar open up just for them, but every church planter does have connections.  We need to look around, see who we have, get creative and ask.
  • For Feb 10th we also ordered enough subway to feed everyone that came (we donated any extra to a local win).
  • We tightened up our music, kids, greeting, follow up, and Life Packs.  we invested $4K in a kids video (10ft screen) and audio to have a “wow” effect in the gym.  Orange “renovate kids” t-shirts and laminated name tags for works to communicate “You’re in good hands, we know what we’re doing”.  we experimented a lot pre Feb 10.but once we entered launch season we felt we needed to stay fairly predictable (in a good way), so we could really hit home what we’re about. 
    If I could emphasize one aspect:  Do not skimp out on what your church produces via promo materials.  Your logo, website, mailers, etc should be top-notch quality.  It often doesn’t cost that much more to have these professionally done.  Also you have to count the cost of not spending some $ here.I am reminded of 1 Sam when David is anointed King and God tells Samuel. “man looks at the outside, but I look at the heart”. Let this inspire you to outwardly do things with excellence because “man does look at the outside” and asks: “is this worth my time”.  In other words. “The Medium IS the Message” (you may have great content and a great vision, but if it is printed at home and the coloring is off, and it looks “less than” then you end up communicating things that are not intended. (I am a little passionate about this ☺).

Some helpful resources here:

  • Artistry Marketing: A Christian company desiring to help the church “look good”.  They do everything from Branding (logo, concept, etc) to websites (from custom sites to “custom looking sites”) that have a great look and easy functionality (you don’t need any computer background to operate it) and can add great features (video, audio files, calendar, blog, podcast, sign up, plus send out mass emails that have your website’s look.  Their branding and web services begin at very reasonable prices (about $2k); their customer support and tech support are lights out.
  • 48 Hour Print:  great quality, quick turn around.  They will also handle mass mailers.  All you have to do is submit your data base via excel and they print the addresses, postmark, collate, and deliver to the post office.
  • Britten Banners:  Handles all of our banners (retractable, as well as ones we hang from the ceiling).  Their quality is awesome and so is their customer service.  They can do just about anything. Category:Phase 1 - Launch Team Development