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View Kids Ministry Ideas 9-10

Kids Ministry is critical in reaching families.
1. Staffing

  - see if you can get people from the parent church to run your Kid’s Ministry as “missionary members” for 3-6 months.  While they do this, work to get volunteers from the church plant to work with them for “on-the-job-training” so they can take it over.
  - try to recruit workers who are students in the early education and elementary education program at the University.  They may be able to get some college credit for their work.
  - hire a wonderful person to take care of infants in the nursery.  You can check out the local Seventh Day Adventist Church (you have to make sure they don’t teach the specifics of Adventist doctrine and are great with kids - but we did this in our church plant in CA and this wonderful couple still sends our kids Christmas cards!)  You can also check out pre-schools and nurseries in the area and see if they can recommend someone.  The Veggie-Tales curriculum could work well here.
  - as soon as possible, move to two services so you can have 2 kids programs.  That way you can tell all your regulars that the culture here is for everyone to “work one and worship one.”  This means that if you worship at the first service you’re willing to work the second one - or v.v…  (Work could be in kids ministry, or set-up, or hospitality, or usher, or…)  Many of our plants do this and it both embeds a servant-culture in you members and allows you to attract more people.

2. Curriculums
  - you can actually tell people who’d rather have their kids in a Sunday School class at an established church what Alex Rahill told people who said they weren’t going to be involved in the new church because they wanted their kids to have a good program.  Alex said, “What would you rather have: your kids in a Sunday School class where the teacher uses the Quarterly; or be involved in a new church serving with Mom and Dad, seeing people come to Christ, and inviting their friends to something exciting?”
  - The list of curriculums attached can help.  I like the video curriculums because they are easy to teach, have good interaction, and are exciting for the kids.
3. WOW factor
You can WOW the kids pretty easily with:
  - Bounce House: you can buy these fairly cheaply (try to get a heavy-duty one).  They blow up in just a few minutes and provide a fun experience for kids 15 minutes before the service starts.  You’ll need to have someone monitor this so that kids of the same age are in together and so there are not too many kids.  You shut the bounce-house down a couple of minutes before the service… so kids can go to class or into worship before being dismissed to kids church.  Then you start it back up again right after the service.  This entertains the kids, so Mom and Dad can hang out a little longer and begin to connect with people at the church.
  - Bubble-maker: for pre-school room. uses these and kids love them!
  - Wacky-world banners for new churches.  See last item in Children’s Ministry Curriculums.

4. Advertise
  Once you have the things above in place and you prove it works for 2-3 weeks, then advertise to the community about the cool kids ministry that you have where “kids drag their parents to church”

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