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View Kids Curriculum by Church Plants 3-10

Kids Curriculum Church Plants 3-10

LifeKids – video based curriculum – free from  
LifeChurch of Mt Juliet, TN

Godly Play – interactive manipulatives  
Access Covenant, Houston TX – age 10 and younger

Willow Creek: preschool – 5th grade

Gracestoration: 4th & 5th  
LifeChurch, Canton, MI
* see below for more detail from Janet Early

Veggie Connection (from LifeWay – Veggie Tales curriculum): pre-school
Elevate (Ed Young): 1st – 4th grades
FUEL from Lifeway: 5th – 8th grade  
Four Rivers Covenant Church, Paducah, KY

252 Basics  
Summit Covenant Church, Newcastle, OK  
* see below for more detail from Jay Stokes

Gospel Light  
New Song, Beaumont, TX

LifeChurch of Byron Center, MI  

1. LifeKids at Life Church of Canton, MI 

Hi Everybody, 
I would be more than happy to tell you about our curriculum. We use Willow Creek from preschool through 5th grade for our Bible lessons and we use Gracestoration for our 4th and 5th graders for our servant preparation ministry. 

Willow Creek Pros: All leaders have books that have all the written lessons for the 13 week series; very portable; very flexible; made for a church of 5 or 50,000; great visuals and print-outs; DVD lessons and music included; relative to our world; Salvation Sunday is included in every series; designed for the oldest boys in the group ex:4-5th grade is designed for the 5th grade boys because if you have the boys attention you have everybody’s attention! 

Willow Creek Cons: Some of the games are corny; Administrative work is kind of confusing if you do not know how the small group lesson is going to play out  

Some of the challenges of the curriculum are really not with the curriculum itself. We have people with a heart to serve who have never taught a large group lesson in their life and we need them to make some changes on the spot because we are down people to help out with large group and they do not have the experience to adapt so they become frazzled but that has nothing to do with the curriculum. Another challenge we face is that some teachers want a more traditional style of teaching but the research that Willow did that backs up this curriculum is geared to help children apply God and godly principles into everyday life. Not many of our kids are going to be caught up in a fish belly or lead a Nation through a desert but they will find themselves disobeying God’s will and in a pickle and leading their peers through a tough spot and keep an audience of One the whole time. As an adult I love the Bible with all of it’s stories but on Sunday the lessons that we teach from Big Church show clips of movies and TV shows in our times to help us integrate the Bible in our everyday walk but I don’t think that for one-second lifechurch does not teach God’s Word. 

As a team we are very happy overall with the curriculum we find it fits well with the way parents are taught in Big church. If you need anything else from lifekids please feel free to contact me at 734-812-1057, I would be more than happy to talk about one of my favorite subjects - lifekids! 

Because He lives, 

2. Summit: Newcastle, OK
We are a new church plant in the Southwest Oklahoma City Area. (heavily influenced from Journey Church!) 

We use a hybrid of 252 basics for our elementary kids. We utilize the Virtue of the Month, which we feel allows a great opportunity to teach kids foundational values that are Biblically based and will last a lifetime. Plus it’s FUN and that is VERY important!! Those virtues are reinforced with Bible stories, word games, crosswords, etc… and examples (that we write) that help teach the moral reason why! 

We also have found that many new believers that are parents don’t know what to do or what direction to go for resources for use during the week for their kids. With the example below, it’s made easier and gives parents confidence when leading their kids into a walk with Christ. What parent doesn’t want help like this??!! Also when you look at the virtue below, what parent doesn’t want their children to learn to be courageous and the Bible has many great examples!! Additional benefit - New believer parents learn at the same time and are setting an example for their kids!!

Example for February Elementary Kids - 
Virtue of the Month - Courage - Being brave enough to do what you should even when you’re afraid.  Take home for Parents this past week - Family Devotional Courage - Being brave enough to do what you should even when you’re afraid. (Repeat the definition of courage as often as you can this week)  Discussion - What does the word “courage” mean to you?  Trek into God’s Word - Read Ester 2:5 - 7: 1-10 (Queen Esther speaks out)  Key Question - What did Queen Esther do and ask her people to do before she spoke to the king? Who gave her the courage to go before the king?

For our Pre-School age kids we utilize the same virtue each month. We, again, reinforce them with Bible stories and examples (that we write) that help teach the moral reason why!

Example for February Pre-School Kids - 
Virtue of the Month - Courage - Being brave even when you’re afraid. 
Take home for Parents this past week - Family Devotional (Color Page for this week!) 
Courage - Being brave even when you’re afraid. 
Memory Verse - “Courage! Take Heart! God is here.” Isaiah 35:4
Focus - You don’t have to be afraid because God is with you.

With the same virtue covered, this allows families with multiple kids that are in different age groups to be focused on the same virtue each month (makes the job for families easier - thus they are more apt to use the send home resources we provide).  We love the North Point model. It’s is very fun, progressive and creates a fresh, approach to the old type material from Sunday School. We also believe that we have so much to do as church planters, that their is no sense in reinventing the wheel!!! North Point has done a fabulous job with a Biblically sound, excellent and high quality product. Nothing we have seen tops it.  We would welcome inquires from any churches that are interested in what we have shared here and that would like to learn more. Kid’s ministry is vital to educate and grow the church for future generations. 

Jay Stokes
Summit Church
No Reserves…..No Retreats…..No Regrets  

3. New Song, Beaumont TX
I pull from a lot of different things that I have, including some Gospel Light curriculum. I have a set of Arch books, which are Bible stories in rhyme for the younger ages, which they seem to like. They are only a little over $2 each. I also use Take Home Bible Stories from Carson,-Dellosa Publishing Co., which has easy-to-make reproducible mini-books that the kids can make, color and keep.  For combined ages, I sometimes use Sunday School Specials:Quick and Easy Bible lessons for Combined Ages, by Group Publishing. Also for combined ages, I sometimes use Gospel Lights’s Big Book of Bible Games. 

Hope this is helpful. 

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