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View Healthy Church Plant Assessment Analysis Year 1

Healthy Church Plant Assessment Analysis – Year 1

Lamentation 3.40 Let us examine our ways and test them

Please check off those areas below that apply to your ministry at this point and time. This should be done as often as necessary with your leadership. This analysis is not meant to be thorough or scientific but merely to assist you to understand where your strengths and weaknesses may be at this time in your ministry.

Gathering Questions: Bringing those on the outside in

___ 1. Is there an atmosphere conducive to reaching lost and hurting people?
___ 2. Is there a minimum of one gathering or impact event per month?
___ 3. Is there a plan or strategy to equip your people to invite others to your church every week?
___ 4. Are there flyers and a strategy to get the word out in your community?
___ 5. Are you and your core team committed to connect with 2-5 new persons per week?
___ 6. Is there an average of 1 visitor per every 10 attendees in your core group, or 50 first-time guests at each Preview worship service, or at least 5 guests per week in preparatory worship, or at least 7-10 guests each week in Grand Opening?
___ 7. Is there a time during the year that evangelism is taught in your ministry?

                                                                                        Total checked _____

Assimilation Questions: Bringing those on the inside closer

___ 1. Is the core team expanding with new people – so that you’re doubling the core every 6 months?
___ 2. Is there a follow up system or a way of following up visitors that works?
___ 3. Do you have a follow-up team devoted to this?
___ 4. Are you developing at least 4 different ministry teams for Worship, Kids ministry, Assimilation, and Small Groups?
___ 5. Are there functioning small groups i.e. task, support or bible study groups?
___ 6. Are you beginning to develop membership materials and planning to launch your first membership classes?
___ 7. Are you regularly sharing stories about people who have come to Christ or recommitted their lives?

                                                                                        Total checked _____

Core Group Questions: Developing those on the inside as your core leaders

___ 1. Is there a clear system of processing, mentoring and developing new leadership for your church?
___ 2. Are your core members beginning to give regularly and sacrificially to your church with time/money?
___ 3. Have you developed a PAT (Pastors Advisory Team) or TLT (Transitional Leadership Team) – a group of spiritually mature believers that share the passion for the lost and that can help the pastor make key decisions?
___ 4. Are your ministry teams expanding in number of teams and/or number of people on each team?
___ 5. Can your core members each explain the mission/vision/values of your church in clear and compelling ways?
___ 6. Are you spiritually feeding your core as you also do leadership development?

                                                                                      Total checked _____

                                                                                  Grand Total Checks _____

Levels                                         Evaluation Scale

18 to 20 checks       This reveals that you may be in excellent health with a steady ministry momentum (Green Flag)
15 to 17 checks       This is OK but exercise caution and review where your ministry is heading (Yellow Flag)
12 to 14 checks       This may reveal stagnation may be slowly settling in – review this with your leadership (Red Flag)
11 and under         Sounds like you may be in need of ministry intervention by your coach asap.

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Category:Strategies and Systems