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View First Impressions of Guests

First Impressions of Guests

Adapted from THE WOW FACTOR
Mark Waltz, Granger Community Church
First Impressions, Group Publishing

“You never get a second chance at making a First Impression.”  My Mom.

“You have 10 minutes from the time a guest drives onto you campus to make a good first impression.”

“Because people matter to God, they should matter to us.”  Therefore, we have to think through the experiences that matter to our guests when they come to our church (for themselves and for their kids) – so they can see evidence of God’s love in the tangible ways we’ve cared for them.

The following help you think about how to create great First Impressions:

What is your Mission?
If your mission includes reaching people for Christ, then how does your mission impact everything: signage, building, grounds, ministries, etc?

Is there a specific group of people you are trying to reach with the Gospel? 
“Anticipate the needs of your guests and do everything you can to make them comfortable.”  My Mom

What do you want your guests to say about your church on Monday morning at their workplaces?

1. Is your current campus “inviting,” are the signs attractive and clear, is there a safe ‘drop-off’ area, and is there surplus parking?  Do you need parking lot attendants?  Are there ‘parking lot ambassadors’ and greeters to help guests—especially when it’s raining or snowing or when they have small children or if they have trouble walking?

2. Is your children’s ministry up-front and attractive?  Is there ‘energy’ communicated along with a warm welcome, a safe check-in procedure, and adequate information about the kid’s ministry?

3. Is there a central greeter station – and are the greeters ‘welcoming,’ informed and helpful?

4. When people call the church during the week, is the receptionist friendly and helpful?

5. When people log on to the web-site, is it attractive, up-to-date, easily navigated, and helpful?

Creating “WOW” Where You Are:

Using the chart below, brainstorm potential “Wow!” scenarios.  Starting with the left column, list 10 or more expectations of your guests.  Then, for each, use the center column to record what could possibly go wrong with that ‘normal expectation.’  Finally, in the right column, record what could be done to enhance the normal expectation to create a ‘WOW!’

Normal Expectations       Potential Negative Experience       Potential WOW


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