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View First Draft of a Strategic Ministry Plan for an Urban Plant


Ministry Development Plan

Spiritual Foundations


Cityview Church will practically & tangibly reflect the whole mission and message of Jesus Christ.

EVANGELISM: Proclaiming forgiveness & reconciliation to God

•  Weekly communion (opportunity to issue gentle invitation)
•  Formal invitations during service with opportunity for immediate follow-up
•  Preaching/testimony/training
•  Developing holistic relational connections through serving the neighborhood

MINISTRY:  Breaking Bonds & Bringing Restoration
•  Transformation Group ministry (short term, need focused)
•  Serving others
•  Developing community partners (eg Grace Period, AA


•  Daily Office & Monthly prayer gatherings
•  Personal Study & mentoring/discipleship

TRUE COMMUNITY: Becoming the new People of God

•  Monthly Communion Meal
•  Small Group Ministry

REIGN OF THE KINGDOM:  Practicing Compassion, Mercy & Justice
•  Neighborhood/World Care projects
•  Benevolence
•  Angel Food Ministry?

Ministry Overview

Seed Verse:  The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like Father, like Son, Generous inside and out, true from start to finish. John 1:14 (The Message)

Vision:  We are a movement transforming our neighborhood with the peace and hope of the Kingdom of God

Mission:  Walk with Jesus; Love each other; Serve the city  

Core Values:
The Kingdom of God creates UNITY across racial, ethnic and socioeconomic barriers.
The Kingdom of God brings BLESSING to our neighbors and the world.
The Kingdom of God is the place where broken and hurting individuals & families find healing and TRANSFORMATION.
The Kingdom of God is a CELEBRATION


Goal 1:  Solidify Gathering Team process & Participants
•  Follow-up on prospective members (current:  Merryman, Pinkston, Rooke, Drudy)
•  Clarify Timeline and gathering process (Nov-May)
•  Schedule visits to church plants and ECC churches
•  Maintain weekly communication via email
•  Develop prayer team (diff from gathering team)

Goal 2:  Invite 150 new, neighborhood & fringe contacts to participate in the movement by January
•  Work with Gathering Team to identify prospective contacts
•  Develop print material to help facilitate invitation
•  Plan & schedule soup nights

Goal 3: Locate Space(s) that allow for meetings and neighborhood connection
•  Real Estate contacts
•  Limbach Center
•  Methodist Church (neighborhood council)

Goal 4:  Increase understanding of neighborhood via research & stakeholder contact
•  Statistical Data
•  Compassion by Design
•  Community Leaders

Goal 5:  Develop organizational Infrastructure & Raise resources
•  Pursue Incorporation
•  Design Logo/business cards
•  Identify Fundraising contacts


Internal Strengths
•  Unity of purpose in Gathering Team
•  Ministry Skills of Gathering Team
•  Longevity in Neighborhood    

Internal Weaknesses
•  Small size of Gathering Team
•  Lack of consistent communication
•  Lack of natural Spring Hill/Spring Garden Connections

External Opportunities
•  Connection to Community Council
•  Elementary School and Middle School ministry possibilities
•  Housing Project ministry possibilities
•  Organizational partnership possibilities (UIF, Grace Period etc…)

External Threats
•  SPACE!!!! (for meeting/ministry)
•  Lack of Mainstreet for easy connection
•  Significant Racial,  Socio economic Division

Soup Night Meeting Schedule

6:00 PM (unless otherwise noted)

11/6 Gathering Team meeting


11/22 1st Soup Night

11/29 Turkey Soup Night (Post Thanksgiving)

12/6 Soup Night

12/13 Soup Night

12/20 Soup Night/Special Holiday Event?

Note:  Possible Soup Night in Housing Project on Mondays(?)

Soup Night Agenda:

5:30 Setup
6:00 Soup’s on
6:45 Mini-vision moment
      Opportunity for prayer
      Music (background)
7:30 End

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