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Facility Selection

Mike Brown, Director of Church Planting, NWC of the ECC

Key Questions to ask:

1.  Is the location near a major road?  Can you get there without complex directions or fighting traffic?
2.  Is the location near the people you’re trying to reach? 
3.  Are their barriers that will cut you off from the people group(s) you’re trying to reach?
4.  Is there adequate parking and easy access?
5.  Is the facility handicapped accessible?
6.  Is this a place that looks good from the curb?  Does it communicate the message you want to communicate about the church?
7.  Does the worship space have adequate lighting? Heat? Air conditioning?
8.  Is there room for children’s ministry, hospitality ministry, and room to grow?
9.  Is the space too big? Or too small?  It’s okay to pack people in, but as the church grows you will need to be able to spread out.  If the space feels full now guests will feel there is no place for them.
10.  Are there any restrictions on churches meeting in this facility?
11.  How long will the church be allowed to meet at this location?
12.  How much space is available for worship? 
13.  Will the church be required to provide seating?
14.  Are there time restrictions for the day you will meet?  Do you have to be out early because of other activities?
15.  Who sets up?
16.  Who cleans up?
17.  Any restrictions on food or beverages?
18.  Will we have access to any equipment? (lighting, sound, video, etc.)
19.    Is there storage available on site?
20.  Will the church be allowed to put up signs outside and inside?
21.  Are there parking restrictions?
22.  How much will it cost?  Are there any extra costs not included in the facility rent?

You should visit every facility more than once, hopefully with those who will be responsible for key ministry areas.  (hospitality, children’s, worship, etc.)

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