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View Evangelism in the DNA

Evangelism as a Part of the DNA

Mike Brown, NorthWest Conference ECC

Almost every church talks about, or has a desire to become, an evangelistic church.  Being the church of Jesus Christ drives us to show genuine compassion and concern for those who don’t yet know Him.  We are surrounded by a world that is desperately searching for a spirituality that is real. 
Many of our churches engage in evangelism training as they try to figure out how to reach out to their communities.  Training is a good thing, but it often becomes an end rather than a tool to prepare people for the realities of bringing Jesus to a lost and hurting world. 
There are a few simple things that every church can do to become the church that Jesus called us to be.

  1. PRAY: Prayer must be the foundation of everything we do in the church.  Prayer is the first step in allowing God to open doors and hearts to be receptive to hearing about the message of Jesus.
  2. SERVE: Every church needs to find ways to love their community by serving those God has placed all around them.  Giving, loving, and serving opens the hearts and hands of those in the church and when we begin to care for others God is able to transform us and those we are caring for.  Communities are changed when we give ourselves away in Jesus name.
  3. MODEL: Every pastor must build time into their schedule to spend with those who are not Christians.  Get out of the office, pastor, and begin to engage in authentic relationships with the people in your community.  It’s important that pastor’s model a lifestyle that is focused on loving and caring for people who are not yet believers.
  4. PREPARE: Make sure that the church is ready to receive those God will draw.  How friendly, warm and inviting is your church?  Make sure that your church isn’t set up for “insiders”, but instead is focused on making everyone feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible by having adequate signage, friendly greeters, a clean nursery, and room for those God will bring.  Many who visit won’t return if they feel like they’re intruding into a “private” club.
  5. COMMUNICATE: Preach about the values you want people to embrace.  Talk about the mission and message of Jesus.  People are looking for a personal, experiential encounter with the living God.  Introduce them to Him. Churches that build these simple ideas into the DNA of the church will find that invitation and sharing of faith will become the normal and natural outflow as the church’s focus shifts outside of the walls of the place of worship. 

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