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Evangelism Around the Year

You can’t do all of these or even 1 per month. There are just seed ideas for your consideration.
June 2003


  1. Begin the year with 40-Days of Prayer and Fasting.  Have people sign up to fast for one day of that period.  Make up a prayer guide that leads the people through various topics with Scriptural references.  Have the people begin to pray about whom God would have them share Christ with during the year.
  2. Observe Martin Luther King day with an African-American congregation.  Have a worship service with them or help them with the local parade.
  3. Organize a Super-Bowl Celebration Party, with a presentation of the Gospel during half-time.  There is usually a video available each year with the testimony of a well-known Christian football player.  Get the people talking about the testimony.  Contact Fellowship of Christian Athletes or Athletes in Action (a division of Campus Crusade).  Use a video projector for the video.


  1. Hold a Couples Valentines Banquet and encourage your couples to invite unchurched friends.  Have a great dinner, some fun get-acquainted games, and a guest speaker to speak about Christianity and marriage.
  2. Create your own Valentine to send to neighbors, co-workers, family and friends.  Let your Valentine card speak of the Love of God; as well as your love, for them.
  3. Offer child-care for couples on Valentines Day.
  4. Have an actor come and dress up as President Lincoln and read some of his famous proclamations and prayers at civic and school functions.  (Most of his proclamations deal with his some aspect of his Christian faith.)  Have the local TV station talk about the President coming to your church!  (We had the local TV cameras in our worship service in California!)
  5. Have a church-wide prayer service on the 40th day of the New Year (if you’ve been doing the 40-Days of Prayer and Fasting).  During the service, celebrate what God has been saying.


  1. Begin your “Bringing My World to Christ” emphasis a few weeks before Easter — with the forms due by Palm Sunday.  Encourage people to invite those they have been praying for to church on Easter.  (“Bringing My World to Christ” is a program of the ECC that encourages friendship evangelism through identifying unreached friends that you pledge to pray for, care for, and share Christ with.  For more information, call 1-800-338-IDEA).
  2. If Easter is in March, see Easter ideas listed in April.
  3. Plan a special youth mission trip during Spring break.  Adults could go also, or go as counselors.


  1. Hand out batteries in your community for smoke detectors as daylight-savings time begins.  Include a tract about Jesus as the light of the world.
  2. Treat an unchurched friend to the opening game of the new baseball season.
  3. Prepare special services to observe Holy Week to draw people from your community.
  4. Organize a community Easter Egg hunt and use the event to invite people to your Easter services.  Have a special Easter Egg opening time at the end, a celebration, and have someone share the Resurrection Egg story.  Arrange for the eggs to have numbered slips of paper inside in addition to the candy — these can be redeemed for prizes at church (get good stuff to give away like Veggie-Tale videos, Children’s books, Children’s Bibles, etc.)
  5. Pass out the “Book of Hope.”  See Usually you can get them very inexpensively.  Challenge individuals in your church to buy 100 of them along with the door hangers and pass them out around the community with information about Bible Studies at your church.  The Book of Hope uses the New Living Translation and has selected Scriptures arranged topically. The Book ends with a Gospel presentation.  It is attractive and short.
  6. Make sure the Gospel is presented appropriately and attractively at your Easter services.  Schedule an extra service—e.g. if you have one service, go to 2 services, etc.
  7. Invite your neighbors to view the Jesus Video with you and talk with them afterward.  Or, arrange to give the Jesus video to your neighbors.  You can get them from Campus Crusade for $5 each.  They are 82 minutes long and are based entirely on the Gospel of Luke.  They have a clear Gospel presentation at the end — beginning with the Ascension.


  1. Mother’s Day.  Christian moms can send invitations to their kids and grandkids not active in a church to attend on Mother’s Day.  Invite moms to church and recognize them in a special way.
  2. If you passed out the “Book of Hope” or the Jesus Video, go back to those homes and ask if they enjoyed the material and if they had any questions.  Some churches use this as an opportunity to invite people to join an ALPHA Bible Study, or a special Bible study series based on the topics in the Book of Hope or based on the Gospel of Luke.
  3. Start a Lighthouse of Prayer in your neighborhood.  (See other ideas at the end.)
  4. Host a banquet for your high school graduates and their friends.  Let the Christian students share their testimony and have Christian parents share a “blessing” for their graduates.


  1. Father’s Day.  Christian fathers can invite their unchurched children and grandchildren to church.  Also, invite unchurched dads to church and have a special way to recognize all fathers.  Have a special speaker that would be of interest to men.
  2. VBS.  Launch or close your VBS with your Sunday morning worship service.  Some churches use the week of VBS to train the kids to do a musical that will be presented on Sunday morning.  The crafts, the Bible stories, the activities can all be structured around the songs and themes in the musical.  Kids will invite their parents to hear the musical!
  3. Volunteer to mow the lawns of elderly or disabled neighbors.
  4. Over the summer, do a project such as Habitat for Humanity, building a neighborhood playground, or painting the home of an elderly person.
  5. Over the summer, organize a “Fairway to Heaven” golf tournament, inviting unchurched friends.  Have a short meal afterward to award the prizes and have someone give a brief testimony.
  6. Remind your people to be “Praying, Caring, and Sharing” with the people on their “Bringing My World to Christ” lists.  Give them ideas of how they can “Care” and “Share.”
  7. Your Church Can Grow SPIRITUALLY in the Summer
    Posted: 29 May 2008 05:17 AM CDT, Craig Groeschel, SWERVE Blog
    Summer can be a good time for numerical growth; but it’s also a good time for spiritual growth.
    Don’t let summer pass without challenging your people spiritually. Even though some people are traveling, visiting the lake, or have simply gotten distracted, you can still challenge people spiritually.
    • You might invite people to fast with you.
    • You might challenge people to read through a book of the bible for a month (even if they are traveling.)
    • You might invite people to participate in a service project.
    • You might inspire people to intentional acts of spiritual kindness.
    • You might devote the month of July to praying for 31 different things that affect your community.
    • You might ask all your small groups to do a specific study together.
  8. So many ministries coast through the summer on autopilot. Ask God how He wants you to push the people spiritually this summer!


  1. Sponsor a community patriotic service and/or picnic at a local park.
  2. Take advantage of Community Fairs, etc.  Instead of just selling “Hamburgers” or “Crafts” as fund-raisers for the church — think about how to have an evangelistic impact.  One church sold burgers but had all their 20-30 year-old men staff the booth with church polo shirts on — and they gave out free “cd’s.”  The “cd” was playing at the booth and had music of the church on it — and in-between each song there was a very brief testimony from someone in the church.  (One person said, “this is the first church where the Bible actually made sense to me.”  A teenager talked about how cool the youth group was.  Another talked about how the music inspired their faith.  Still another talked about how they came to faith in Christ at the church.)
  3. Another church decided to capitalize on the young families who attend and had a large booth with paper for children to color pictures on.  They turned this into an art contest for various ages and had prizes.  In order to register for the contest, parents had to fill out a registration card and in addition were asked if they had a church home and asked if the church could send them information.  The booth also had a higher, adult-eye-level, place where the adults could write down questions or comments they had about God, the Bible, Jesus, etc.  These questions could become the basis for a message series in the church or the basis for advertizing the church to the community.
  4. Invite your neighbors to a cook-out at your home.
  5. Invite your state senators or other representatives to church for a government-appreciation service.  (This works good while they’re home on break.)
  6. Host a back-yard Bible club.
  7. Host a Sports Clinic with Christian athletes.  There are one week soccer camps where kids come for training and they get to hear testimonies from the counselors.  It’s like “VBS on steroids.”  Resources: or


  1. Serve cups of cool water at a booth at a state or local fair and pass out tracts. 
  2. Prayer walk your neighborhood.  For info: see Mission America’s web site, or call the Covenant Dept of Prayer and Evangelism at 773-784-3000.
  3. Invite your community to a special prayer service for your junior high and high school students as they return to school.
  4. Invite your VBS students and their parents to a “reunion” and ice-cream social after a Sunday worship service.
  5. Give your people ways to “Care” and “Share” with those on their “Bringing My World to Christ” list.  You may want to mail your people a copy of their BMWTC list as a reminder.
  6. Prepare for the City Worker Recognition Sunday (see September’s list) by hosting a free car wash for city employees. 


  1. Labor Day Weekend: City Worker Recognition Sunday.  No one recognizes the city workers who cut the grass, patch the roads, pick up garbage, etc — but the church should care for them in Jesus’ Name.  Invite them to church and recognize them with a small gift.  Invite a city official to bless the event.  The message that Sunday could tie-in the Christian Work Ethic as well as share the Gospel.
  2. Red Apple Sunday: one or two Sundays after the start of school.  Have the children invite their teachers to come to church with them.  During the service have an educator who is a Christian share briefly how their faith impacts their lives and teaching.  Call all the teachers in attendance forward during the service and have them introduce themselves and give each teacher an appreciation gift.  Have the local Moms-in-Touch coordinator pray for the teachers.  (If your school starts earlier, you can do this in August.)
  3. Labor Day Concert.  Plan a Christian Music Concert in the part to celebrate Labor Day.
  4. Grandparents Day.  Grandparents can send their grandkids notes of encouragement and invite them to church.


  1. Distribute free batteries for smoke detectors as day-light savings time ends.  Pass out tracts with the batteries.
  2. Host an alternative Halloween party for the community.
  3. Other Halloween ideas:
    • Have your kids go trick-or-treating in the following way: 1) make sure the costumes are appropriate, 2) after they receive candy at the door, have the kids say “Thank-you and we have a gift for you” and have the kids give them a tract or some other appropriate gift.
    • You could give out tracts to the kids who come to your door, in addition to giving them candy.
    • You could set up a hot cider stand on the sidewalk for parents and pass out tracts as you get to know them.
    • Host a neighborhood bon-fire and hot-dog roast.


  1. Rakes the leaves for neighbors as an act of kindness.
  2. Wear an “I Vote for Jesus” button during election years as a discussion starter.  Or, print up “Vote for Jesus” election signs and encourage your people to put them in their front yards.
  3. Put up “yard signs” that look like political signs, except they have the name, address, and times of service for your church.  This helps build community recognition.  Get attractive signs made locally or order from
  4. Invite all the candidates to your church for a discuss-the-issues forum — and possibly have an elected official share their testimony.  Serve refreshments.  Because of IRS regulations, you must invite all candidates to attend.
  5. Invite veterans to a special service recognizing them.
  6. Feed the needy at Thanksgiving at a local rescue mission or at your church.


  1. Encourage people to invite those on their “Bringing My World to Christ” list to come to the Christmas services of your church.
  2. Hold special Christmas musicals, plays, or cantatas.
  3. Have one of your theatrical women play the part of Mary as a monologue and then have her share her testimony.  This can be very effective in Catholic communities and can be done at Rest-homes, community centers, etc.
  4. Build and produce a drive-through Christmas presentation or living nativity.
  5. Invite the neighbors to watch the Jesus video in your home.  Or, gift-wrap Jesus videos to give to your neighbors, co-workers, etc as a Christmas gift.
  6. Plan a Christmas party for your neighbors.
  7. Hold a Christmas Eve Candlelight service from 11 PM to Midnight.
  8. Offer free-child care or a Christmas VBS for a day so parents can go Christmas shopping.  Teach the kids a couple of songs that they can sing on Sunday morning.
  9. Hold a special New Year’s Eve Service or Concert.
  10. Set up a free taxi-service from local bars and nightclubs on New Year’s Eve and then follow-up with the families after a few days.


  1. Give away Gospels of John.
    • GiveYou can get neat give-away packs with a Gospel of John, a tract, a door-hanger bag and a card from your church from International Bible Society.  The cost is minimal.
    • You can give away the “Living Water” Gospel of John.  This is the Logos 21 translation done by folks from Dallas Theological Seminary.  It has a very attractive cover and a Gospel presentation at the end.  It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE — and you get it from Absolutely Free Inc. PO Box 2, Glide, OR 97443.  (571)496-3046
  2. I have a Bible-study on John 1 called “Got Questions—Ask John” that also has the Bridge illustration inside.  It can all be done on 1 sheet of paper and then folded into quarters to make an attractive card.  If you email me, I’ll send you a master for your church with your church name, address, and phone # on it — free of charge!

  3. Start an ALPHA Bible study.  This study was developed originally in an Anglican Church and is very effective among the unchurched.  Because it was developed in England it can be used with those who come from a high-church tradition.  Call the Covenant Dept of Church Growth and Evangelism and find out about a Covenant-sponsored ALPHA training.  You can often attend at a reduced rate.  (773)784-3000

  4. Visit web sites to get more information.

    • (great info on church mailers, church logo development, etc. + helpful demographics on your area)
    • (great info on developing church ads for the newspaper or mailouts)
    • (this is Steve Sjogren’s web site — it not only has ideas of servant evangelism, it has stories from churches that have tried them, + invitation materials they used)
  5. Build your own web-site.  A web-site today is what business cards were 20 years ago.  A very effective site can help you build your own:
    Don’t forget to develop links in your site to other sites — like (the covenant web-site); or (a site developed by a Covenant pastor who reviews movies and looks for symbolism that can help you start evangelistic discussions with the unchurched).

  6. Start a “Lighthouse of Prayer.”  Simply pick a night of the week where you pray for the needs of people in your community.  You may want to do this alone, as a couple, or with one or two other Christian couples in your neighborhood.  Go door-to-door and tell people that you’d be happy to pray confidentially about any requests they may have.  Studies show that nearly 98% of Americans believe in prayer.  For more information, check out the web regarding “Lighthouses of Prayer” or call the Covenant Dept of Prayer and Evangelism (773-784-3000).

Assembled by:
Dr. Larry L. Sherman
Director of Church Planting and Associate Superintendent
Great Lakes Conference of Evangelical Covenant Churches
1107 Gallop Lane
South Lyon, MI 48178

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