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View Equipment Needs for Public Worship

Equipment Needs for Public Worship

Mike Brown, Director of Church Planting, NWC of the ECC

This list will vary, depending on the model and style of your worship gatherings, the location you meet at, and the size of the group you hope to reach.  This list is a rather general list of the items most new churches will need to get started.

Trailer - Estimated Cost   $3,000
•  This is dependent on the amount of equipment and the storage available at the meeting site.
•  Be sure to buy a trailer large enough for growth
•  Lettering for trailer
•  Carts or crates on wheels to haul equipment

Sound Gear - Estimated Cost   $10,000-$15,000
•  Speakers (buy the best you can afford to get)
•  One lapel microphone and at least 4 corded microphones ( don’t skimp here either, but good quality mics can be purchased at reasonable prices)
•  Drum mic
•  Guitar pickups
•  CD player/recorder
•  Equalizer
•  Amplifier (unless the speakers have built in amps)
•  Portable cabinet or rack for the components
•  Subwoofer
•  Power conditioner
•  Digital recording device
•  Cables (mics and speaker)
•  Snake
•  Speaker stands
•  Lots of extension cords and power strips.
•  Mixer and a case to transport it in.
•  Monitors (4)
•  Cases or storage tubs for all the smaller gear
•  Folding tables or carts to operate from
•  Table covers
•  Recording equipment
•  Blank tapes/CD’s, DVD’s
•  Cases for CD’s
•  Label making equipment

Worship Equipment - Estimated Cost   $2,500
•  Drum kit (electronic or acoustic)
•  Cases for drums
•  Keyboard (buy a professional quality instrument) and storage case.
•  Cables for keyboard and other instruments
•  Mic stands (4)
•  Mic cables
•  Music stands
•  Stools for the musicians and pastor
•  Totes or bags to carry stands, cables, etc.
•  Duct tape (buy it by the case)
•  Batteries for the mics and other equipment (get rechargeable)
•  Plastic storage tubs are the cheapest storage device
•  Communion serving cups, plates, cloths,etc.
•  Bibles

Instruments - Estimated Cost     $5,000
•  Most musicians will provide their own, but the church may need to purchase the drums and keyboard.

Worship Space - Estimated Cost   $3,000
•  Drapes and poles used by rental stores for conventions can be purchased and will help create both backdrops and also help close a large space and make it more intimate until the church grows into the bigger space.  The drapes, plates and poles can simply be pushed out to enlarge the worship space.
•  Artificial plants (the more of these the better).  They are great for hiding cords, and creating more warmth in an otherwise sterile space like a school gym.
•  Additional lighting depending on the space rented.
•  Lightweight pulpit or music stand for the pastor
•  Stools for the worship team and the pastor
•  Table to use for communion and baptisms
•  Portable Baptistry (
•  Chairs (depending on how many are available where you’re meeting)

Video Equipment - Estimated Cost   $7,500-10,000
•  Video Projector (buy the most powerful projector budget will allow or it will look washed out in spaces where there is no control over the lighting)
•  Video screen (fully portable screens of all sizes are available through companies like Shepherd Ministries)
•  Extension Cords
•  A cart to operate the projector from.
•  Software to create video presentations
•  Laptop computer dedicated solely to the visual arts
•  VCR/DVD player for use when showing movie clips or short videos the church may create.
•  Video cameras
•  Video editing equipment
•  Plastic storage tubs, or professional crates

Hospitality Ministry - Estimated Cost   $ 2,500
•  2 large coffee makers and a bunch of air pots
•  Large cold beverage cooler or pitchers
•  Cold drink cups
•  Coffee cups and lids (can be purchased at Sam’s Club)
•  Good coffee
•  Napkins, stir sticks, sugar packets, creamer, etc.
•  Coffee bar sign
•  Folding tables and table cloths
•  Information Center tables and table covers
•  Literature stands
•  Brochures
•  Storage tubs
•  Signs identifying bathrooms, nursery, Sunday school rooms, worship space, etc.
•  Velcro, hooks or easels to hold signs
•  Ladder to hang signs
•  Exterior signs and banners
•  Parking lot signs
•  Umbrellas for parking lot greeters
•  Name tags and pens
•  Communion bags or plates
•  Name tags and pens
•  1st time guest gift bags (post-it pads, magnets, a New Testament)
•  Extension cords and power strips
•  Labels
•  Cookies, bagels, etc

Nursery and Children’s Ministry - Estimated Cost   $2,000
•  Changing table
•  Portable rocking chairs
•  Diapers and wipes
•  Cleaning supplies (disinfectant wipes for toys and surfaces)
•  Disposable gloves
•  Bags to dispose of dirty diapers
•  Kleenex
•  Juice, crackers, cheerios, etc.
•  Age appropriate toys
•  A porta-crib or two
•  Blankets and sheets for crib
•  Baby seats and chairs
•  Small tables and chairs
•  Rolls of carpet if the floors are tile
•  Doorway security gate
•  Baby swing
•  Table for checking in babies
•  Pagers for parents of infants in nursery
•  Name tags for nursery children with tear off numbered tag for parents
•  Sign-in sheets for parents of infants to list any special needs children might have.
•  Name tags for staff on lanyards
•  First aid kit
•  Rolls of drawing paper
•  Magazines
•  Blocks
•  Play Doh
•  A vacuum
•  CD player and CD’s of children’s music
•  Plastic bags
•  Storage tubs
•  Rocking chair
•  Curriculum for children’s ministry
•  TV, DVD player and cart
•  Videos (veggie tales or similar content)
•  Tables
•  Small chairs for children
•  Water container for drinks
•  Classroom supplies (crayons, colored paper, glitter (if you feel daring), glue sticks, tape, hole punch, etc.)
•  Puppets and stage
•  Musical instruments (maracas, tambourines, bells, etc.

Information Center - Estimated Cost   $1,500
•  Tables
•  Table covers
•  Brochures
•  Pens
•  Extra Bibles
•  Children’s worship bulletins
•  Busy bags for younger children
•  Response cards
•  Gift bags for guests
•  Guest packets
•  Map of the facility
•  Devotionals
•  Extra newsletters
•  Announcements and sign-ups for upcoming events.

Education ministry - Estimated Cost   $1,000
•  Curriculum for children and adults
•  TV, DVD player, VCR, cords, carts
•  White boards, markers
•  Extension cords
•  CD player and music CD’s

____________________                                                               $38,000-$45,500

(This figure does not include facility rental, insurance, staffing, lighting, or storage costs)                                                                 

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