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View Developing a Church Marketing Plan

Developing a Church Marketing Plan

Mike Brown, Director of Church Planting, NWC of the ECC

1.  Pray about who God wants you to reach and how you might reach them.

2.  Ask lots of questions.  Visit with community groups, schools, businesses, and other churches to find out more about the community in which you are considering planting.

3.  Get good solid demographic data.  Data can be found at the US Census Bureau website, or go to and log in your info to access their demographic info about each community.  You can also purchase good demographic info from a number of sources like Percept.  Also get info from the people in the community so you know what the felt needs are of the un-churched in your area. 

4.  Create an identity.  Start developing a name, logo, brochure, etc. that clearly identifies your church.

5.  Define who your church is by clearly articulating who you are, what you are trying to accomplish, and how you intend to get it done.

6.  Your mission statement should articulate the purpose for the marketing you will do.  What do you hope to accomplish by marketing your new church?  What action do you want people to take? 

7.  Determine specific tools you will use to reach those you have targeted.

•  Newspaper ads
•  Radio
•  Movie Theatre ads
•  Yellow pages
•  Billboards
•  Outdoor signage
•  Business cards
•  Brochures
•  Informational DVD or CD’s
•  Outdoor banners on buildings
•  Posters at local businesses
•  Newsletters mailed to area homes and businesses, service clubs
•  Door hangers or flyers
•  Door to door contact
•  Mass mailings
•  Inserts in local papers
•  Email targeted at specific groups
•  Booths at local festivals and events
•  Sponsoring events, i.e. a local road race, concert, etc.
•  Sponsoring local sports teams, a race car, etc.
•  Build a habitat home
•  Promotional materials (cups, pens, notepads, etc.)
•  Press releases
•  Kids fair before school begins
•  Seminars (money management, investing, parenting, college prep, etc.)
•  Speaking at civic organizations, area events, etc.
•  Developing a website
•  Adopting a local charity or cause.

8.  Identify a list of those things that will help you achieve your outreach goals and put them on the calendar.  It may be necessary to plan at least 6-12 months in advance because of printing deadlines, securing ad space, etc.

9.  Write out a marketing plan that includes…

•  The purpose of your marketing—what action do you want people to take?
•  Why should people respond?
•  Who are you targeting?
•  How will you reach them—what tools will you use.
•  What timeframes will you target to implement those tools, i.e. Easter, Christmas, back to school, summer, etc.
•  What makes you unique?  What has God called and equipped you to do better than anyone else?  Find 3-5 things you can do better than anyone else.  If another church in the area already has a great recovery program, preschool, or youth center, it’s probably not a great idea to make that one of your priorities.  Find needs no one else is meeting.
•  A clear statement of who your church is.  What do you stand for, what are your values?
•  A budget and how you will allocate money for each activity or event on your calendar.
•  How you will evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing plan.  Come up with measurable criteria that will allow you to know if these activities are worth doing again. 
•  A time to celebrate with your outreach team after each big event or strategy.

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