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Community Networking

The purpose of a community networking plan is to foster relationships with community, civic and business leaders in your target area.  These relationships are expected to open up additional outreach and marketing opportunities and to enhance our strategy to establish broad name recognition in the community.

Our strategy for networking involves the following: 

  1. Mapping region into geographic areas based on neighborhoods, traffic patterns, and shopping habits. 
  2. Visit each business to make initial contact with each manager.  Hand out church literature and plant seeds for partnering opportunities.
  3. Create database of all businesses and contact information.
  4. Find unique community service opportunities that have broad appeal, meets needs, etc. 
  5. Monthly mailing of some kind to each business (form and content TBD).
  6. Make comprehensive list of other organizations (other than businesses).  The following organizations will be targeted:
    • Real estate brokers (possible partnership with monthly newcomer seminar)
    • Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs) (ads in newsletters, sponsor web sites, sponsor community events, bands at community events, involvement on events committee, use of community centers, etc.)
    • Homebuilder/Developers and their primary contacts – (same as HOAs)
    • Public service personnel (police, fire department, ambulance, hospitals, etc.)
    • Libraries
    • Politicians (District Supervisor, Mayor, etc.)
    • Newspaper editors and staff reporters
    • Community Web Sites (get linked on as many sites as possible)
    • Community Clubs (e.g. gardening, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.)
    • School principals and Activities Directors and Counselors (also whoever is responsible for student’s volunteer time)
    • Other churches
    • Civic organizations and clubs (e.g. Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Community Foundations, etc.)
    • Sports leagues (kids and adults)
    • Sports and recreation (parks, gyms, tennis courts, golf, pools, etc.)
    • Non-profit and/or community service organizations (lookup all 501c3 orgs)
    • Gather contact information for the items in 7.  Update database to include new contacts.

    • Make contact with all organizations (at least by letter).  Make a list of people to meet with in person (e.g. town managers, HOA presidents and events directors, etc.)

    • Mail promotional flyers to all organizations in the database before each community outreach event.  Invite the managers.  Ask them to share the invitation with their employees.  Ask them to consider putting the flyer in their window.

      Category:Phase 1 - Launch Team Development