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View Church Marketing: 4 Circles

Church Marketing – 4 Circles


1.  Need to have appropriate marketing to each circle:
    a.  Hot – communicate weekly the stories of those who are coming to Christ or who are ‘in process’ or those who are finding ways to serve.  Give out ‘invite cards’ or help your people give out the church web address for cool stuff.
    b.  Warm – have a special Sunday each month where people can invite friends.  Give people dvd’s, invite cards, and brochures to share with others.  Or, you can run cool on-line invite ads that your people can share on-line with friends. Have some kind of follow-up or assimilation.
    c.  Cool – communicate 2-4 times a year with these folks.  If you can get a demographic read-out of your area, you can target a mailing just to them.  Or, you can do a special outreach event to people in your target group.  Or, you can run an ad in a paper they read – and drive people to your web-site in the ad. 
    d.  Cold – communicate 1-2 times a year with these folks.  Generally this is done with a mass mailing.  The most effective way to do this is plan on a series of 3 mailers to the same homes that build on the same theme.  Or, another way to do this is to send the mailing and then follow-up with a door-drop of a neat brochure.  Or, you could get a bill-board, or run a full-page ad in the paper.

2.  Cost/Benefit
    a.  Hot – if you’re a church of 150, you spend ($10/attender/year) $1500 on bulletins, projection, newsletters, web-site – this will help you Keep the People you have and will encourage them to move to the next level.
      i.  If you have 150 people, this will help keep the 150
    b.  Warm – if you spend $1500 on top-flight invite cards, dvd’s, etc. this will help your people invite friends to church.
      i.  If you have 150 people, and they each invite 10 people over the course of a year, you may get a 10-20% response.
      ii.  In addition to your 150, you may be able to increase by 150 more to 300. 
    c.  Cool – if you spend $1500 x 2 = $3000 for 2-4 times a year when you host special outreach events or have special advertising to your target demographic.
      i.  You may be able to attract .5 - 1% of those you invite through this means.  Say you live in an area with 100,000 in the metro area and you have targeted 20,000 in your demographic.  .5 - 1% of 20,000 = 100 to 200 people.
      ii.  So, in addition to a150 + b150 + c150 = 450
    d.  Cold – if you spend $1500 x 4 = $6000 for 1-2 times a year for a mass mailing or other option.
      i.  You may be able to attract .5% of those you invite through these means.  Say you mail to 10,000.  .5% = 50
      ii.  So, in addition to 450 you add 50 = 500.

Don’t forget, as you move from Hot to Cold markets, you’re dealing with people who are “farther away” from you (and possibly from God).  Those in the cool and cold markets would not connect with your church without some kind of intentional plan.  So, while the response rate is less than in the hot and warm markets, the evangelistic impact is likely greater.

Hypotheically, the next year, you have 500 as your base and you can do even more. 

Of course, hypothetically, anything is possible. 

The key is to find out how you will impact the 4 circles.

Key Questions:
What are the obstacles that keep people away – in each circle?
What are the best ways to remove those obstacles?
What are the most effective ways to reach the people in each circle?


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