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View Children's Ministry Thou Shalt Nots

Thou Shalt Nots for Kids Ministry

From Ed Stetzer, Planting New Churches… p. 312

1.  leave children with children – kids works should be over the age of 18.
2.  have anyone work who has not undergone some form of criminal background check.
3.  use unsafe or hand-me-down cribs, toys, sheets, and blankets – no junk for Jesus.
4.  give any child any food that has not been approved by the parents – allergies are dangerous.
5.  have an unclean room.  All toys, cribs and anything that little hands touch should be disinfected.
6.  have a child in the room without registering the child by having the parents fill out a form with the child’s name, allergies, physical challenges, etc
7.  recruit people who are not called to kids ministry.
8.  use people who are not trained in kid’s ministry and child development.
9.  see children’s ministry as a necessary evil to attract parents.
10.  use the time to baby-sit – don’t use videos as a substitute to actually teach the kids age appropriately about the love of God and Biblical stories.  Don’t teach the kids in a boring or age-inappropriate way.
11.  bore the kids – God and God’s people are fun. 

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