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View Check Request and Expense Pre-Approval Form

Check Request and Expense Pre-Approval Form

Your Church Name

_____Expense pre-approval   _____Check Request


Date ________________________________________          

*Vendor: _____________________________________                          

Address _____________________________________                            

City, State, zip   _______________________________                        

Amount**: ________________________  

Account number: _______________________________        

Date needed: ________________________        

___ Expect invoice from vendor named above
___ Expect credit card charge
___ Mail check to address above
___ Mail check to this address:




Describe the expense




Approval signature____________________________ date __________________          

Date paid__________________ check number__________________        

*Vendor.  If this is a pre-approval, who will you purchase products from?  If check request, who is the payee?

**If pre-approval, what do you anticipate the total bill will be?  If check request, what is amount of check to be written?


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