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View Category:Seeding - Preparation for Church Planting

Seeding: Preparation for Church Planting

The Planter and the Vision for the New Church

You may be sensing that church planting could be a fruitful ministry for you. You may have a burning passion to reach the lost with the Gospel. How do you know if you’re a church planter?

The preparation of the planter includes pre-assessment questions. This should be prayed through and talked about with three others who know you well and with a potential church planting coach.

The next step is the assessment, followed by training and the development of a well-conceived project or “Strategic Ministry Plan.”

Generally, God gives the vision to the point leader who then develops it with a team The material here will help you assess the passion, values, mission and vision for a healthy missional church.

Seeding Categories

      Scriptural and Theological Basis for Church Planting
      Spiritual Foundation for Planting
      Your Mission Field’s Unique Needs
      Attractional and Incarnational Evangelism
      Mission and Vision

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