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View Category:Phase 4 - Launch & Grand Opening

Launching for Accelerated Growth

Grand Opening and Launch

You can’t impact people unless they know who you are and where you are. The grand opening is when you “go public.”

You’ve been working in the first three phases to prepare the church for fruitful ministry, now is the time for harvest.

Up until now, you’ve been working organically and relationally to gather more people, minister to more people, and impact your area with the Gospel. If you’ve done it right, you now have 75+ people and this is the time to invite the community.

Many churches use this phase to invite thousands through mass marketing. This is simply telling your story to more people in your area. It also gives “air cover” for your people as they talk with friends and neighbors about the new church. It gives them courage and helps legitimize their invitation.

And remember that this is a phase of 3-4 months. It is not just one big Sunday but harvest season. So plan on two or three “big Sundays” in addition to your first grand opening day.

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