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View Category:Phase 3 - Preparatory Worship & Developing Systems

Preparatory Worship and Developing Systems

Getting the Systems Right

Just like a tree needs more branches in order to have more health and more fruit in the future, a church plant needs the right mix of branches, or ministries.

Corporate worship is one of those key branches/ministries. So, as the church plant moves from preview services to Weekly Worship, it is important to figure out how to do this well week-in and week-out. That’s not easy. Typically, it takes 2-3 months before things are going well.

We find the seven key systems or ministries that church plants need to do well are:

  * Worship
  * Kids Ministry
  * Connection Ministry
  * Hospitality at the Services
  * Follow-up after the Services
  * Evangelism and Outreach
  * Small Groups

This phase is a time to branch out and develop these ministries in a healthy way.

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