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View Category:Phase 2 - Monthly Preview Services

Monthly Preview Services

Gathering More to the New Church

Most church plants want to move to weekly worship too soon. As a result they tend to become small churches with under 75 in attendance. Moving a church plant past 75 is crucial and this is a key phase in achieving this.

The robust nature of the Gospel requires momentum. In Acts 2, when Peter shared the Gospel, thousands responded. In the early church, as they ministered and had favor with the people the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. [Acts 2:47]

The practical needs of a typical church in North America requires an attendance of more than 75. Less than that and it doesn’t seem like there’s enough worship dynamic. If there’s going to be a full-time pastor in some kind of facility with plenty of margin for mission and ministry, the church plant needs to see significant growth.

Just like a healthy tree needs more leaves in order to have more photosynthesis and in order to have healthy growth, the preview phase helps gather more “life” and creates more energy in the church plant.

The monthly preview phase is a good way to gather more people into the launch team so that you double the team.

This phase allows you to continue to focus on gathering and ministering to people, rather than begin consumed with having to plan for worship each week.

It allows for the church planter and team to help many of the guests at the preview services connect with the new church in the other weeks of the month.

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