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Launch Team Development

Finding Like-minded, Mission-driven People

Church planting demands teamwork and gathering that team of like-minded, mission-driven people is important. These are people that will combine their gifts and invest their time and money to get the new church up and running.

You can try to plant this alone, but without a team your orchard will be quite small. Your goal is to find and equip others for the important work of ministry - so the new church can be built up [Ephesians 4:12].

Church planting also means that you’re going to be doing some evangelism from the start, even as you work to grow the church so it can have an even-more fruitful harvest in as it launches. The way you gather the first 100 will determine the next 100 and more.

“Keeping the goal of launching large causes a shift in the early DNA of your church-you will have an outward focus from the get-go. Churches that launch large tend to stay focused on the unchurched, while (other) churches…get distracted with insider concerns and the perceived need to ‘take care of the core’ ” [From the book “Launch” by Nelson Searcy - pp 31-32].

So, here are some of the best gathering practices for the first few months of a church plant.

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