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View Category:Parenting - Churches Planting Churches

Planting an Orchard

Touching and Helping Many More

Every church shares one thing in common – a beginning! Every church was once a church plant, started by mission-minded people who wanted a church that could impact their area with the Good News. Think about the number of people whose lives have been touched by your church, the marriages performed, the families helped, the pastors and missionaries that have been sent out. That all happened because your church was planted.

Church planting is God’s pattern for mission. Church planting is how the Gospel spreads and is how the family of God expands. Church planting is just like parenting – you give your life away so your children will thrive and so your family-name and family - values will live on.

Don’t let the family of God stop with you.

Just like parents learn how to be good parents, churches can learn how to be good parent churches for a new church plant. These resources can help you think about how can your church can start a new church and will give helpful tips for parenting churches.

If you feel your church cannot parent, there are other ways to be supportive of church planting as well.

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