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View Category:Fruitfulness - Years 2-3

Continual Growth

The New Church in Years 2-3

If it’s not enough to work for a harvest in one year, it’s what you produce year-after-year that will determine your impact for the kingdom.

There are many things that plants encounter in the second and third years of a church plant that will determine their on-going fruitfulness. Things like:

  * Managing a Movement of People and Keeping the Church “Simple”
  * Knowing the “Growth-marks” or Benchmarks for On-going Fruitfulness
  * Avoiding the Common Mistakes
  * Small Group Development
  * Church-wide Initiatives
  * Personal Growth Plan for the Planter
  * Leadership and Staff Development
  * Christian Leadership
  * Spiritual Leadership
  * Blind-spots of Leaders
  * Evaluating Leaders
  * Developing a Staff

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