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View Audio Systems Proposal

Audio Systems Proposal

PH: 847.566.7856 CEL: 847.477.4266

Click here to download full .pdf file with visuals

Audio/Video Systems for Church Plants

One of the most expensive and difficult-to-control aspects of starting a new church is providing
adequate sound and video equipment for the contemporary practice of worship. Three
startlingly difficult problems face every church plant.
1) Assembling a complete & compatible sound equipment package without breaking
the budget.
2) Learning to use that equipment to provide pleasing and musical sound reinforcement
in facilities that often are acoustically challenging.
3) Finding ways to load-in, load-out, transport and store that equipment every week.
Not every church has people within its core group with the expertise necessary to choose
equipment appropriate to the size, needs and intent of the church plant. There are even
fewer people with the experience to adjust a system to sound its best in the gyms, cafeterias,
auditoriums, theaters and former stores which are converted into churches every weekend.
Our objective is to free the prospective church planter from the burden of these mindnumbing
chores and provide a consistent path for future church plants to follow.

We can provide:
1) Complete packages of sound & video equipment fully installed in equipment racks
and labeled for easy setup.
2) Preliminary setup and equalization of the whole sound system in the facilities to be
used each week; training in equipment use and in mixing music for worship services.
3) Customized equipment storage carts to simplify the packing & transportation of all
the churches equipment every week.
The first step in providing any of these services is having a long talk with the church planter &
those members of his core group who will work on both sides of the equipment. Their plans
and hopes for the audio/visual components of worship services will form the core around
which an appropriate equipment package can be planned and assembled.
The next few pages provide a sample of the range of ways in which we might work with
church planters and a preliminary guide to our services and equipment costs.
Please call or email us if you have questions or simply want to get a project going!

Figure 1:
Complete packages of sound & video equipment
As a ballpark figure, the equipment components of a complete
audio/video system for a church plant can be bought for approximately
$10,000. Of course, alternate choices may alter that figure up or down
by several thousand dollars.
We offer several levels of help in the purchase of complete packages of
sound and video equipment.
• You buy only the equipment list from us. The list (provided as an Excel
file) gives up-to-date equipment options, prices & sources. See Figure
1 below for a partial sample of a list.
• We order all the equipment based on consultation with the church
plant and ship/bring it to the church plant. They install it in racks, test
it, figure out how best to set it up, etc.
• After consultation with the church plant, we order all the equipment,
install & wire the rack units, color-code the cables, test the complete
setup, create set-up instructions and matching color-coded hook-up
diagrams and deliver the whole package to the church plant.

Figure 2 (next page) shows a color-coded hook-up diagram.
List Only:
Consultation & Order:
$600 + equipment cost
Order & Install:
$1560 + equipment cost

Figure 2: Sample Speaker and Monitor Connections
Setup, Equalization & Training
Though choosing and buying the right equipment comprises much of the
hard work in building a sound/video system, it is only the first step to creating
a pleasing and useful presentation environment for the church plant.
Unless the system itself is tuned (equalized) to the facility in which the
church meets and its operators trained to carefully adjust the system for
optimum sound every time it is used, the expenditure will prove to be
nothing but a source of frustration.

To that end, we offer:
• Preliminary setup and equalization of the sound/video system in the
facilities the church plant will use. This entails a complete setup of all
equipment, testing of all wireless mics, thorough equalization of the
sound sytem to the room and adjustment of anti-feedback devices.
• A half-day (3-4 hours), hands-on seminar on the practice of audio
mixing. The seminar will train members of the sound team in the use
of their specific equipment and in the art of mixing music & speaking
for worship services.
Master Setup & EQ:
Art of Mixing & EQ:

Mobile Storage Carts
Few settings bring less joy to a sound technician than facing stacks of
amps, snarling cable, stolid speakers and irritable mic stands (always
sticking their feet out!), knowing they must all be packed away carefully
for the next weekend’s use. Though grandma’s littany of “A place for
everything and everything in its place” may seem out-of-place in a
church plant, when working with A/V equipment it’s just the ticket!
We have working models (complete plans coming soon) for three different
storage carts; two for sound system equipment (see Figure 3) & one
for children’s/nursery supplies. One of these designs has also been modified
to store coffee-makers and refreshment supplies.

Here are the options:
• You purchase the working drawings from us. They include alternate
structures, complete materials lists, cut list and list of suppliers for specialty
items like urethane wheels. If the church plant has some folks
who are handy with tools, this may be a lower-cost option.
• We construct the cart(s) that you request & ship/bring them to the
church plant ready to use.

Drawings Only:
$30 ea.
$75 full set of 3
Complete Carts:
$600 ea.

Figure 3: Main Speaker Cart


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