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View Assessment Questionnaire for New Participants

Church Planter Initital Questionairre

Answer the following questions on a 5-point scale
5 = strongly agree, 4 = agree, 3 = neutral, 2 = disagree, 1 = strongly disagree
note: your first impression is usually most accurate

The best way to do this is to make 4 copies of this form—take the questionnaire yourself and then
Give the other questionnaires to 3 people who know you well and have them fill it out regarding you.
Compare their answers with yours.
_____I have an exceptionally close relationship with God.
_____I have regular deep devotional times.
_____I have seen evidence of powerfully answered prayer.
_____I rely on God to do the work of ministry.
_____My walk with God is more important than my ministry success.

_____I communicate openly and warmly with my spouse. (If married; if not, do you communicate openly and warmly with your family & friends.)
_____My family is a demonstrable priority in how I use my time and energy.
_____I have strong spiritual connections with spouse and children. (If married; if not, do you have strong spiritual friendships.)
_____My family is excited about my ministry.
_____I have a growing relationship with my children. (If applicable; if not, do you have a strong relationship with your parents and siblings.)
_____In my family love and discipline are balanced.

_____I am very committed to truth telling and doing the right thing.
_____Others describe me as being honest and authentic.
_____Others would say I am a person of my word and do things without hyperbole or exaggeration.
_____I have shown financial reliability.
_____I am faithful in small things.

_____ Subtotal for Section A

_____I have great self-confidence.
_____I have excellent self-understanding of my personality.
_____I have the ability to accept criticism.
_____I easily affirm others.
_____I can articulate my strengths and weaknesses.

_____I intentionally seek out peers and mentors for feedback.
_____I am aware of my personal strengths and weaknesses.
_____I get feedback from a variety of people on growth issues.
_____Others would describe me as not being ‘defensive.

_____People say that I have enormous energy.
_____I have a great work ethic.
_____I have a strong internal drive and motivation.
_____People say that I do not give up easily.
_____I constantly set visionary goals and achieve them.
_____I have the ability to develop others so they can much of the work of ministry.
_____I work hard but usually do not cross line into workaholism.
  _____Sub-Total for Section B

_____I can communicate a clear, compelling vision for a new church.
_____I can paint a picture of what the future will look and feel like for the church God is calling me to plant.
_____I often challenge the “status quo” and constantly look for better ways to do things.
_____I can express an integrated philosophy of ministry.
_____Others are consistently attracted to the vision I cast and have been willing to sacrifice for it.

_____Others say I have obvious leadership abilities.
_____People naturally want to follow me in doing new things.
_____I have been able to build strong teams who get things done.
_____I have an understanding of various leadership styles and am able to adapt my leadership to fit the need of the situation.
_____People seek out my leadership and ask for my advice.
_____I have led large successful organizations.

_____I know how to identify and connect with strong lay leaders.
_____I am experienced and successful at hiring and working with staff.
_____I have a record of effective training and equipping of lay leaders.
_____I invest time and energy in relationships with other leaders.
_____I have been able to start many small groups and/or ministry teams that continued to reproduce and that continue in effectiveness over time.

_____I can read a situation and know when and how to lead.
_____I discern leadership issues quickly.
_____I can get through quickly to a deeper level with other leaders.
_____Others would say that I know how to vary leadership style to fit the situation.
_____I know when to lead and when to listen.

  _____Sub-Total for Section C

_____People describe me as a powerful preacher.
_____When people hear me speak they often experience the Holy Spirit’s power.
_____I have the ability to grab and holds the attention of people I’m speaking to.
_____People frequently comment on the insights they get from my presentations of Biblical truths.
_____I have the ability to mix ideas, images and emotion in an authentic way when I speak.
_____Others comment that I am able to apply God’s words with unusual power, clarity and passion.
_____When speak I have a strong rapport with my audience.

_____I articulate a strong Biblical foundation in preaching and leading.
_____I have a deep Scriptural understanding that underlies all my ministry values.
_____I have an exceptional understanding of the Gospel and God’s grace and this undergirds how I develop my messages and ministry.
_____I have the ability to make Scripture practical without seeming shallow.

  _____Sub-Total for Section D

_____I am exceptional at working with staff and lay leaders to create many strong ministries.
_____The people and volunteers in my ministry would say that my leadership creates great enthusiasm and satisfaction in them.
_____I have the ability to know when, where and how to best invest my energy.
_____I am constantly reading and learning so as to be a more effective leader.
_____I have the ability to raise significant funds for ministry.

_____I have discipled many people over the years who have in turn discipled others.
_____I can articulate a clear plan and system for producing spiritual growth in others.
_____I know how to motivate others toward spiritual growth.
_____I have the ability to recruit and train gifted leaders who can help move the ministry forward.

  _____Sub-Total for Section E

_____People often comment on my excellent interpersonal skills.
_____People describe me as being very good “one to one.”
_____I have the ability to project warmth and acceptance to people.
_____People seek me out because of my exceptional listening skills.
_____I have exceptional ability to develop and work with groups.

_____I can give many examples of people who have followed my leadership.
_____I have a strong instinct for how to create people movements.
_____I constantly am inviting people to come to church and/or to come to Christ.
_____The people I have led say that I am great at developing ownership.
_____I have a knack for creating strong alliances with many people.

_____I have shown unusual ability to lead people to Christ.
_____Evangelism is a very high value for me and my ministry.
_____I train others how to evangelize.
_____I am able to find new adaptations in evangelism that result in more conversions.
_____I am able to integrate evangelism into the life of the church.

_____I constantly plan and find ways to solve problems.
_____I love to start new projects.
_____I seem to get an extraordinary amount accomplished in life.
_____I love a challenge and I find ways to spend time on critical areas.
_____Others say that I continually generate more than seems possible.

_____I have a strong understanding of both general group dynamics and large group dynamics.
_____Others would say that I instinctively know how to keep a group very encouraged, engaged, and invested.
_____I am excellent at creating a sense of ownership among lay people.

  _____Sub-Total for Section F

_____I believe the Bible as the Word of God and only perfect rule for faith, doctrine and conduct.
_____I believe in Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.
_____I believe that the Holy Spirit is the means of spiritual growth and maturity.
_____I see the church as a fellowship of believers that promotes spiritual growth and that makes a missional impact on the community.
_____I understand that pastors must represent the whole church while respecting individual interpretation.
_____I understand that the Covenant baptizes infants and adults and would be comfortable ministering in a denomination where that occurs.
_____I understand that the Covenant ordains women and would be comfortable ministering in a denomination where there will be male and female colleagues.
_____I would be comfortable working in a Covenant church where the local membership votes on annual budgets, lay leaders, pastors, and building projects.
_____I have an M.Div degree; or, would be willing on working toward a seminary degree to enrich my biblical and theological understanding of ministry.
_____I am a credentialed Covenant Pastor; or have thoroughly investigated credentialing for Covenant Ministers and am interested in being credentialed.
_____I would be willing to take classes while I plant a church that would introduce me to the Covenant.
_____I enthusiastically support the Mission and Values of the Covenant. (e.g. as it seeks to be “Biblical, Devotional, Missional, and Connectional.”)
_____I enjoy networking with local pastors for encouragement and ministry.
_____I am passionate about being part of a church-planting movement.
_____The church I plant will be a church-planting church.
_____I want to develop and release leaders who will plant other churches.
_____I want the church I plant to give generously toward mission at home and abroad.

_____ Subtotal for Section G

_____ Total Score for all sections

If you scored 460 – 560, you may be a church planter.
If you scored 350 – 459, you may be a church planter, but have some key areas to work on.
In either case, you may be ready for a church planters assessment center where deeper insights will be given you about your readiness to plant a church.
If you scored less than 350, you may have significant areas to work on before considering church planting.


Larry Sherman, Great Lakes Conference Director of Church Planting
  248-756-3202 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Dave Olson, Evangelical Covenant Church Director of Church Planting
  (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Don Davenport, Associate Director of Church Planting, ECC
  & Director of Urban & Ethnic church planting
  (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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