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View Annual Thematic Goals

Annual Thematic Goal (from Patrick Lencioni, WCA Summit):



•    What’s the ONE THING that will express our mission and move us further toward fruitfulness this season.
•    A Rallying Cry.  The CRISIS or Critical Issue that we’re facing as an overall church.
•    This is what “What keeps us up at night?”
•    Each person privately write out: “What is the single most important thing that we MUST get done in the next 6-12 months for us to be successful?”



Write out what you think should be the Annual Thematic Goal should be in a clear concise statement:



Defining Objectives
These are the actions that will move your forward in accomplishing your Annual Thematic Goal. so you’ll know you’re making progress.



Standard Operating Objectives  
These are the key ministries, finances, facilities,  ministries, etc. that you must keep strong.



Clarifying Questions:

1. Where does it LIVE?
-  At Every Staff and Leadership Meeting, the Thematic Goal and Defining Objectives should be the rallying cry for action and the process of review.
-  At each meeting, review each Defining Objective and have the leaders agree whether you are making progress on it with a:
-  Green – yes, we’re making obvious progress
-  Yellow – unsure we’re making progress, staying the same
-  Red – no progress, or decline
Talking about it as a group makes it a TEAM effort and prevents ‘silo-ing’
-  THEN – agree as a group, which area you’re going to focus on now as a Team…

2. 2nd Clarifying Question:  WHO Owns It?
  Answer: Someone must be responsible – a Champion…
      Who is responsible to lead the fix and report back.
  Not Everyone…
      Because then no one does anything.
3. 3rd Clarifying Question:  What about the CHURCH?
  Answer: Report to them what’s going on, as needed.
      Celebrate progress!
If they don’t have ownership, they’ll fill the gap.
If they know you’re working on the right things, this will build confidence in the leaders.

This process will help you lock in on what matters most for this growing season.

Our Annual Thematic Goal:



Our Defining Objectives:







Our Standard Operating Objectives:







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