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View Annual Staff-Building Interviews

Annual Staff ‘Building’ Interviews

Adapted from Bob Biehl

1.  What is the most meaningful thing you have experienced in the last year?
2.  Where do you really want to grow personally this year—and how can I help you?
3.  What are you planning to do this year that you have never done before?  And, what, anxiety do you feel about it, if any?
4.  What courses would you like to take, what books would you like to ready, and what experiences would you like to have to help you grow this year?
5.  What is the most helpful thing for me to know about you, to truly understand you?
6.  What are your dreams for the next 5 – 10 years?
7.  What do you consider your 3 greatest strengths and how can I help you maximize them?
8.  What do you feel is holding you back in any aspect of your life and how can I help you overcome it?
9.  What is the single area of your life that you would most like me to encourage you in this year?
10.  In what aspect of your work do you find the most personal fulfillment and why?
11.  What areas of your work cause you the most personal stress and frustration and why?
12.  What tools, equipment, facilities or personnel could help you most in maximizing your potential on the job?
13.  In what area would you like to see me grow this year?  Is that an area that you feel you could help in, or suggest someone who could?
14.  What do I do that de-motivates you?
15.  What do I do that motivates you?
16.  Is there any unresolved problem that you have been hoping to speak to me about but haven’t known how to approach the subject?
17.  Is there anything heavy on your shoulders (outside of work) that you would like to talk with me about as a friend?
18.  What professional position would you like to attain within the next five years, and how can I help you grow into it?

Category:Development - Tools for Growth & Administrative Systems
Category:Pastor and Staff Development