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View 40 Lessons from a 40-Year-Old Pastor

40 Lessons from a 40-Year-Old Pastor

Craig Groeschell, Oct, 2007

Today, I’ll be sharing 40 things I wish someone would have told me when I was 20.

  1. Life is short. Make every day count for God???s glory.
  2. Life is short. Don???t take it too seriously.
  3. Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. Jesus cares more about the church than you do.
  5. You can???t please everyone???so why try?
  6. People will criticize you. Quit whining. Get used to it.
  7. Three months from now, you won???t even remember most of the things that are bothering you??today.
  8. You can???t do it all. Stop trying.
  9. God called you because He is good, not because you are.
  10. If you blame yourself for the bad results in ministry, you???ll likely also take credit for the good results.
  11. Become close friends with other pastors in your town (as many as you can).
  12. Your kids will be grown before you know it. Don’t sacrifice them on the altar of ministry.
  13. Your ministry isn’t your god. God is your God.
  14. You know how to give and how to minister to others. If you don’t learn how to receive, you’ll burn out and/or die.
  15. Studying for sermons doesn’t replace your personal time with God and in His word.
  16. Err on the side of generosity.
  17. Believe in people that others overlook.
  18. If you’re going to reach people that others aren’t, you’ll have to do things that others won’t.
  19. Your integrity matters more than you can imagine.
  20. Hire staff members that you like.
  21. Talk about Jesus every time you preach.
  22. Be careful what you say. You’re being watched (and recorded).
  23. Don’t return emails when you’re angry.
  24. Check to make sure your microphone is turned off before you use the bathroom. Double-check.
  25. Check to make sure your zipper is zipped every time before you preach. Double-check.
  26. Love your wife more than you love the church. The church is Jesus’ bride, not yours.
  27. Always be caught speaking well of others.
  28. Compliment, encourage, and build up your staff and volunteers.
  29. Hand write thank you notes.
  30. Smile and look people in the eyes when you talk to them.
  31. When you have a tough decision to make, but you know it’s right, make it immediately. (Like pulling off a Band-Aid: do it fast, and all at once.)
  32. Hire slowly. Fire quickly.
  33. You can’t change people. Only God can.
  34. Don’t criticize others’ ministries. Yours isn’t nearly as perfect as you think it is.
  35. Take care of yourself. Eat right. Rest. Exercise. Take time off. No one else can do that for you.
  36. If you don’t take much time off, it’s because you’re proud, and you think you’re more necessary than you really are.
  37. Don’t just delegate responsibility. Delegate authority.
  38. Laugh frequently.
  39. People will leave your church. People you love and trust will leave your church. Don’t take it personally.
  40. When you suffer and hurt because of ministry, worship Jesus all the more.

Category:Fruitfulness - Years 2-3