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View "Ten and Five" Budget Agreement

The “Ten and Five”

We give thanks to God for you!  We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship of laboring together in the harvest field through church planting.
The Covenant works because it is indeed a culture of covenant, or mutual commitment. The exceptionally strong spirit of partnership and collaboration in the Covenant is the exact source of its missional vitality.  For example, our connectional spirit is what generates a strong resource pool that funds all dimensions of church planting-from assessing, training, and coaching to direct financial support, and even strategic assistance with building and property.  That spirit of partnership, more specifically, is what gave birth to your ministry and provides it with the resources it does.

It is critical that new churches reinforce that spirit of partnership by fully engaging in the life of the Covenant.  To do otherwise contributes to the erosion of the very dynamic that allows aggressive mission.  Further, it can undermine support for church planting as a whole.  Existing churches may appropriately ask why new churches should be started if they do not in turn reinforce the chemistry of the Covenant in ways that further contribute to vitality and even more accelerated mission.  In other words, if the expansion of the Covenant weakens the cohesion of the Covenant, it is counterproductive for the long term. However, as the expansion feeds back into the cohesion, the Covenant becomes even more strongly positioned for impact than it already is today.

When you begin planting your church, you immediately become a part of the church planting movement in the NWC and the ECC. Therefore, as a part of your Covenant Agreement, you and your church agree to give 15% of local operating income back to the ECC and NWC, as follows: 10% to the ECC Coordinated Budget; 5% to the NWC.

Some of the reasons why “mission giving” is helpful to the Covenant Church Planting System:
•  It forces us to start stronger churches, so that they will have the where-with-all to be generous.
•  It invites God’s blessing by helping our new churches to be generous from the beginning.
•  It is a prime sign that these new churches value the whole Covenant.
•  It gives the Covenant and the Conferences some ‘mission margin’, so that we can continue to expand our church planting emphasis.

Your start date for your mission giving is: __________ (refer to your Covenant Agreement notebook for instructions on where to send your monthly checks).

Your mission giving is based on funds given in direct support of you annual ministry operational budget; it doe not include funds given and/or designated for special projects (i.e. one-time purchase such as a trailer, sound and computer equipment, etc.). If you are unsure, check with your coach.

I have read and understand my church’s commitment to the “mission giving” principle.

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  Church Planter                   Date

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